Carol Vorderman, 60, flaunts her ageless curves in an eye-popping black gown.


Carol Vorderman, 60, flaunts her ageless curves in an eye-popping black gown.

CAROL VORDERMAN’s latest eye-popping selfie has left her followers speechless.

Carol Vorderman glammed up for the evening and revealed her amazing looks. In a series of photographs, the 60-year-old Countdown star wore a tight black dress and flaunted her ageless curves.

Carol is well-known for posting pictures of herself wearing her favorite outfits on social media.

Her most recent ensemble was no exception, as the presenter dazzled in a black low-cut dress.

The star’s beautiful curves were highlighted by the gown’s low neckline.

Long sleeves and cut out lace portions on each side completed the stunning ensemble.

Carol radiated Hollywood glitz as she accentuated her neckline with a bold gold necklace.

Her golden locks were styled in loose waves, and she added black eye make-up to complete the appearance.

This evening, the Countdown legend was set to work at the Motor Transport Awards.

Carol had asked her fans earlier today what she should wear to the event.

She wore the black gown alongside a gold Grecian gown and a silver bodycon gown.

“So I’m doing the Motor Transport Awards tonight,” she stated in a video.

“Should I put on gold or silver?” Or this one, which I haven’t worn before.”

Her followers had voted for the black outfit for the event, she subsequently said.

“The black dress wins by a large margin…,” Carol wrote.

“It’s best if you try it on.”

“However, I have no idea what it will look like.

“I do it all the time….I buy a dress without trying it on, then think…oh god…and wear it anyway.”

The hashtag “#happyscruff” was used at the end of her message.

Many of her followers complimented her look after she shared it on Twitter.

“Wow, you look stunning,” one fan wrote to the actress.

“Wow, what a woman, you get better with age, what’s your secret CV???,” a second commented.

“Told you it could be a black bin liner and you’d pull it off absolutely drop dead stunning have a good evening,” a third wrote.


“So, when are they going to make you the next Bond girl?” asked another.


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