Carol Kirkwood reveals what irritates her behind-the-scenes: ‘I’m not in a good mood!’


Carol Kirkwood reveals what irritates her behind-the-scenes: ‘I’m not in a good mood!’

After being commended on her constant and contagious smile, CAROL KIRKWOOD shares the few things that don’t make her happy during her mornings at work.

Anyone who has seen BBC Breakfast will know that weather presenter Carol Kirkwood, 58, is one of the happiest persons on the show, constantly wearing a smile on her face. It makes one wonder whether she is incapable of ever being grumpy, but she quickly clarified that this is not the case.

You inquired as to whether I am ever grumpy… yes!

Carol Kirkwood is a writer who lives in the United States

The forecaster revealed what makes her famed smile turn into a scowl during a recent chat with her BBC co-star Louise Minchin and triathlete Annie Emmerson on their Her Spirit podcast.

It happened as they were discussing her childhood, and Annie wondered if it had influenced her current outlook on life.

“You’re always smiling!” she cried, “but do you ever have a moment when you don’t want to smile?” she wondered.

“We watch you on television; I’ve been watching you for years, and you’re such a joy!”

She mused, “Does that come from having so many brothers and sisters?”

The host praised her for her sweet sentiments and stated that she was correct.

“I believe it did because we were taught to share and appreciate what we had as children, and I still believe that,” Carol said.

“However, you asked if I ever get cranky… yes!

“When that alarm goes off at 2:45 a.m., slam! She laughed, “Snooze!”

“And there are times when things like technology fail and you have to do everything!”

She admits she’s “useless” with technology but “does her best” in the mornings because she’s alone.

“However, it’s like, No! Come on, guys!’” Carol let out a sigh.

“Because our time frames are compressing; we all have deadlines during our shifts!

“Things like that don’t exactly make me happy!”

Carol has previously stated that her profession entails far more than most people believe.

She is usually stationed in the BBC’s London offices, while the main breakfast program is filmed in Manchester’s Salford studios.

She told Bill Turnbull on his podcast last year, “I’m in there [the studio]more or less by myself!” as she described her average work morning.

“And our London weather studio is like a broom cupboard, and it’s.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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