Carol Kirkwood expresses her deep gratitude to her BBC co-star, saying, “Thank you for being my buddy.”


Carol Kirkwood expresses her deep gratitude to her BBC co-star, saying, “Thank you for being my buddy.”

On Wednesday’s broadcast of BBC Breakfast, CAROL KIRKWOOD said an emotional goodbye to one of her BBC Breakfast colleagues.

Carol Kirkwood appeared on BBC Breakfast with Dan Walker and Louise Minchin to give the weather forecast. Louise stated earlier this year that she would be leaving the program at the “end of the summer,” and she said her goodbyes to her co-star on Wednesday after confirming it was their final show together.

Carol added, as she presented the show’s final forecast, “This is the last time I’m sorry to say I’ll be pitching back to Lou.”

“Isn’t this the final time we’ll be working together on Breakfast, Lou?”

“I’m extremely sad, but working with you has been such a pleasure, and I’ve learned so much from you, so thank you for that.

“Thank you for being both my friend and my colleague.”

“Oh Carol, you are stunning, and the good news is that this means we can have lengthy lunches,” Louise remarked.

“One of the things I’m looking forward to is seeing you again; I’ll miss you, but we’ll stay friends.”

Carol replied, “Absolutely,” and Louise added, “Take care.”

“You too,” the weathercaster continued, prompting Dan to intervene, “Will you stop it now?”

Dan added, “I’m not really emotionally prepared for this.”

Louise joked, “I wasn’t ready for it either Carol, you caught me off guard there.”

“Thank you so much, darling, and I hope to see you again soon.”

Louise announced her departure from BBC Breakfast earlier in the show.

“I’ve had an early warning,” she revealed. You know how Carol said earlier that it’s officially the end of the summer?”

“I said I was going to go, didn’t I?” Louise continued, and Dan said, “Yes.” Following the summer.”

As Dan joked, “I was going to say – are you off?” she replied, “So – it’s not today.”

“I’m not going today,” she says. I’ll be leaving this program on September 15th, which is two weeks from today,” Louise stated.

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Dan noted, “So that’s only six programs left,” and she said, “Yeah, very good maths!”

“Not that you or I have been keeping track of anything. But, yeah, that’s all there is to it.”

Louise made her presence known. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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