Carmelo Hayes of WWE NXT has been retained, but a WarGames DIY reunion is in the works.


Carmelo Hayes of WWE NXT has been retained, but a WarGames DIY reunion is in the works.

The main event of tonight’s NXT 2.0 was a Triple Threat match involving Champion Carmelo Hayes, Johnny Gargano, and Pete Dunne for the North American Championship, and because it was a Triple Threat, anyone could pin anyone to become the new Champion, even if Hayes was participating. Hayes began things off by dropping Dunne out of the ring, but Gargano quickly entered the arena and dealt Hayes some damage. Gargano was knocked down by Hayes, who was then put down by Dunne, who then battled it out with Gargano as they countered each other’s grips and submissions.

After successfully escaping each other’s moves, Gargano and Dunne had an almost mutual moment of appreciation, but Hayes stepped in and knocked them both down. Hayes kicked both and then continued to kick Gargano. Dunne lunged for Hayes’ leg and began twisting it, but Gargano stopped him. Dunne then grabbed both of their legs and began twisting, successfully securing them both in the hold.

Trick Williams began dragging Hayes out the ring, and Gargano kicked Dunne away. Gargano worked a wrist lock and then attempted to lock in a second hold, but Hayes broke it up with a stunning leap off the ropes. Dunne and Gargano were both pinned by Hayes, but they both kicked out.

Hayes then took out Dunne and Gargano, but Gargano came back to slam both Hayes and Dunne to the mat. Gargano then dove into Dunne on one side of the arena and Hayes on the other, before running around the ring interacting with the audience. He walked over to Dunne and knocked him out once more.

Dunne fought back with a vengeance, knocking down Gargano and ten knocking back Hayes. He attempted to follow up on Gargano, but after leaping over the ropes, Hayes threw both of them to the mat. Hayes then landed punches and chops on both of them to keep them down, then pulled them up, but they teamed to punch him and send him reeling.

Then Gargano and Dunne battled punches until Dunne knocked him down and went after Hayes, grabbing his arm. Gargano broke it up and then swung a spear at Hayes. Dunne kicked him, but Gargano followed up with a DDT. Dunne kicked out of the pin and it took both of them a minute to get up.

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