Carer has inmate’s name tattooed on her chest after falling in love with him.


Carer has inmate’s name tattooed on her chest after falling in love with him.

After her friend began “dating” an inmate, Breah Sutton, 21, began a connection with convicted burglar Harley Webb, with whom she speaks 15 times a day on the phone.

A caretaker claims she fell in love with a serial burglar from his prison cell and has tattooed his initials on her chest to commemorate their relationship.

Despite not meeting for eight months, Breah Sutton began communicating to convicted burglar Harley Webb, 31, in August of last year and has since become his girlfriend.

Before they were allowed to meet after the Covid epidemic, the 21-year-old maintained their relationship through text messages, phone conversations, and letters.

She surprised him with a tattoo of his initials on their first physical meeting in May of this year.

Breah has visited Harley once a week since then, and they talk on the phone about 15 times a day.

Breah recalled the initial visit, saying: “I was terrified, but it was pleasant, and at the conclusion of the meeting, he reached out and touched my hand, which was our first point of contact.

“I got his initial tattooed soon before our first meeting because I wanted to surprise him.

“He was enthralled, and tears welled up in his eyes. He stated that he wishes he could do the same, but that he is unable to do so at this time.” Breah from Swindon, Wiltshire, claims she received the tattoo near her heart on the side of her chest.

Her friend was also ‘dating’ an inmate, and he had asked if she had any single pals for his mate, so she contacted Harley.

Since then, Harley has showered his new girlfriend with gifts from his prison cell. His father bought him fine clothes, shoes, bouquets, and even a French Bulldog puppy.

Breah has retaliated against “envious” trolls who have labeled her a “money digger,” claiming that they spoil each other because they are in love and that she has a designer clothing ready for him when he returns in January.

Harley gives his girlfriend the gifts by convincing her friend to order them for her and then enables Breah to pay her friend back using his bank account.

She stated, ” “When he wants it to be a surprise, he sends a friend to place the order, and then I give the money to her because I have access to his bank account.

“Other times, he’ll simply say, ‘Go grab it.’ The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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