Caravan: Campers warn of a “must-have” feature to check for when purchasing a £200,000 van.


Caravan: Campers warn of a “must-have” feature to check for when purchasing a £200,000 van.

With the popularity of staycations on the rise this year, many Britons are preferring to purchase a caravan or vacation house. The ITV show Undercover Big Boss revealed some of the secrets of the UK’s largest RV park.

In the first episode of the ITV series, Alfie Best, the founder of Europe’s largest residential park home operator, has become a millionaire and wants to know what goes on behind the closed doors of his holiday home parks.

Alfie is the owner of Wyldecrest Parks, which operates 91 caravan and residential parks in the United Kingdom.

Because of the continuous travel restrictions, more people are opting for staycations this year than ever before, resulting in a significant profit for him and his company.

“We are allowing individuals to sell up and live the life that they have never had, at an inexpensive price,” Alfie remarked about how he sells the most affordable holiday properties. Caravans range in price from £20,000 to £200,000 at Wyldecrest Parks.

Despite the fact that most holiday businesses are struggling as a result of the epidemic, Wyldecrest Parks has expanded significantly– presently by £70 million every year.

Many campers have gone to social media to report their experiences at the millionaire’s camping facilities, which are promoted as “beautiful luxury holiday camps.”

One commented, “I haven’t had a nice experience and would not recommend reserving this lodge.”

“The caravan was fine, albeit it does require some maintenance due to broken items and missing remotes. Our stay was ruined by the filthy hot tub. “It’s very disappointing,” said another.

The caravan park owner in the ITV programme decided to go undercover to observe what really goes on at the home parks and to ensure that campers are getting decent service.

Alfie pretended to be a salesman in order to learn more about his client’s requirements.

But, while inspecting a caravan, what should you be searching for?

When seeking to purchase a van, it is critical to evaluate the surrounding area. Campers are frequently on the lookout for a premium spot with breathtaking views.

Being excessively fussy, on the other hand, can cost you a lot of money, as a waterfront space, for example, is normally much more expensive than a regular one.

Alfie highlighted how a location near the lake at their Lake District resort could fetch up to £120,000 if they sold it.

Other things to think about before booking a vacation. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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