Captain Sandy of Below Deck describes a ‘volatile’ crew episode in which he was ‘swept away.’


BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN star Captain Sandy Yawn has opened up about the chaotic crew of the Lady Michelle in the Bravo reality show’s uproarious sixth season.

The latest instalment of Below Deck Mediterranean has already attracted its fair share of controversy. With plenty more disagreements on the super yacht yet to air on Bravo, Captain Sandy has recently revealed what she believes was the most volatile experience dealing with a member of her crew.


Captain Sandy has named Chef Mathew Shea as one of the most difficult staff she’s worked with on Below Deck so far.

The new galley cook arrived at the start of the season and quickly lost favour with the captain.

He quit the series multiple times after disagreements with the rest of the crew, and also delayed his arrival at the start of the season due to an injury.

During her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Captain Sandy recalled some of the most publicised moments of the latest charter.

In her interview, she highlighted Chef Mathew’s woeful breakfast performance in episode 16 as representative of his attitude as a whole.

“It explains a lot, you know,” the reality star told Andy.

“From the beginning of the season with him leaving and then quitting a second time. It just really shows the character.”

Captain Sandy explained she depends on their behaviour at work to speak for their character as she doesn’t socialise with the crew on their time off.


The Lady Michelle boss continued: “You know, obviously, I don’t see this.

“I don’t go out with them. And then when I do [see it], it’s wow. I just am blown away.

“I think that’s been the most volatile crew experience I’ve ever witnessed watching a show,” she continued.

The Captain relies on her own interactions with the staff, as well as reports from Chief Stew Katie Flood, to keep her boat in check.


However, some of this season’s most shocking moments occurred during the staff’s breaks after hours.

Stewardess Lexi Wilson most notably drew the ire of the rest of the cast, as well as viewers watching at home.

Lexi was also demoted and eventually fired for her actions, though the same can’t be said for Chef Mathew just yet.

The Chef’s actions in Monday’s episode threatened to derail. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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