Captain Marvel improved the Skrulls for the better,


The Marvel Cinematic Universe stories don’t quite reflect what’s going on in Marvel Comics.

The characters may be the same, and the same general arc may follow the storylines.

But for the movies, certain specifics are changed. The changes often irritated some Marvel superfans.

But one major “Captain Marvel” shift won over many fans.

In ‘Captain Marvel, the Skrulls.

The alien species known as the Skrulls is understood as the enemy in the first part of the Captain Marvel film.

However, it becomes apparent towards the end that the story is much more complex than it first appeared to be.

The war between the Skrulls and the Kree has turned them into fugitives, and they flee across the galaxy to hide from the soldiers of the Kree.

Her view of the situation shifted until Captain Marvel sees the conflict from the viewpoint of the Skrulls. From the beginning of the film, she sides with them, fully changing her perspective.

It is a dynamic and unexpected story of who the Skrulls are and what motivates them.

And it’s also really different from what the Marvel universe’s comic book edition has to say about them.

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In Marvel Comics, The Skrulls

The backstory of the Skrulls is naturally much more complicated than what can be described in the films, given that Marvel Comics has been around for more than eight decades.

The Skrulls in the comics, as ScreenRant states, are the product of genetic experiments on a reptilian population. The Deviants, the type of Skrulls that have the ability to transform, are one of the three creatures that emerge from these experiments.

In the midst of a bloody battle, these creatures sometimes appear.

In pursuit of planets to plunder, they are seen as relentless invaders, traveling the cosmos.

In the comics, there is no compassion for this version of the Skrulls.

And there is seldom a justification given that would make them appear anything but bad.

Marvel fans are known for their attention to detail and for pointing out when they think that something in the MCU has not been correctly represented.

But some fans, when it comes to the Skrulls, think that the move is a good one.

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The disparity in how the Skrulls are depicted in the MCU compared to Marvel Comics was discussed by MCU fans in a recent Reddit thread.

And it seems that they accept that the move is a positive one.

The original poster began the debate by saying that he felt it was more important to make the Skrulls more compassionate. “I know some people think making the Skrulls good guys is a ‘wasted opportunity’ or ‘ruins them,’ which I can understand,” they wrote. “In the books, they were fantastic villains.

But it gives them more depth and much more hope for them in the future, I personally think.

Others agreed, stating that it strengthens the story and gives it more meaning by presenting the Skrulls as complex characters.

“Making the Skrulls a spectrum rather than just a point is both more realistic and more interesting,” one person said.

Another reader pointed out that for the future, the story leaves several options available. “In the end, we only saw a dozen Skrulls,” one person said. “There is no species that is universally good/evil, and to write it that way would just be lazy.”

It seems that Marvel fans are pleased by how the MCU treats this aspect of Marvel comics in a new way when it comes to the Skrulls.

And they look forward to seeing what they’re doing next for them.


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