Captain Lee Rosbach of Below Deck discusses the mystery ‘condition’ that plagued Season 9’s absence.


Captain Lee Rosbach of Below Deck discusses the mystery ‘condition’ that plagued Season 9’s absence.

DECK BELOW Captain Lee Rosbach has finally given an explanation for his mysterious absence from the most recent promo for the upcoming season, which premieres in October.

When Captain Lee disclosed that he would be unable to captain the superyacht My Seanna in the forthcoming ninth season of Below Deck, viewers were alarmed. Stud of the Sea, as he is lovingly known, has now revealed more about his mysterious departure at the start of the Bravo series.

Captain Lee’s absence will wreak even more havoc on the seas in the upcoming season of Below Deck, which premieres on October 25.

The crew of My Seanna is taken aback when the captain reveals that they would be on their own during the yacht’s next charter.

Thankfully, Captain Sean Meagher stepped in as skipper for a short while until Rosbach could return.

However, in true Below Deck style, the stewards and deckhands were thrown into even more confusion than usual without the captain’s supervision.

The new video does not show the whole extent of Rosbach’s disappearance, which begins with Eddie Lucas receiving a call regarding his strange ‘condition.’

The reality star has subsequently informed fans that this was unrelated to COVID-19 and that he is now feeling much better in a new interview with E!

He went on to say, “The timing was mostly botched up.”

“Because we have such a tight filming schedule, it was critical that the guests’ charters start and conclude on time so that it didn’t have a domino effect and affect subsequent charters.”

Despite Rosbach’s unidentified ailment, the charter had to leave on time, with the skipper left to heal on dry land.

Despite the fact that Captain Lee was not infected with COVID, he claimed that the pandemic had a significant impact on the filming of this year’s new season.

“This year, there was simply a lot of different things,” he continued. “Due to the circumstances under which we were required to film.

“We couldn’t do a lot of things we were used to since we had to stay within the constraints of our bubble due to COVID-19, so we had to improvise in certain cases, which isn’t a terrible thing.”


“You can improvise and be incredibly creative at times, which I believe we are pretty excellent at.”

Both Below Deck and its spin-offs Mediterranean and Sailing Yacht were able to please fans. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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