Cancer horoscope for October 2021: What can Cancer expect this month?


Cancer horoscope for October 2021: What can Cancer expect this month?

For you, CANCER, October is all about the house and redecorating. The Cancer horoscope for October 2021 is below.

October will be a fruitful month for cancer. This sign’s attention this month will be on their home and work surroundings, and the end of October will be highly fruitful. This website spoke with Bex Milford (@cosmic cures on Instagram), an astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer, and creator of the Moon Child Sorority, to learn about the Cancer October horoscope for 2021.

Your home has always been your castle, Cancer, and this month is no exception.

“Libra season sees you yearning for a little leisure and recreation in the space you know and love,” Bex explained.

“Perhaps it’s because you’ve been stretching yourself too thin recently, or perhaps it’s because the arrival of Autumn has you yearning for intimate gatherings.

“Right now, snuggly socks and nights cuddled up on the sofa are what you want, and you probably don’t want to go out!”

This month, you may be considering renovating your home in some way.

“You could want to do something with your home this month, whether it’s a major makeover, a house move, or simply changing up the interior design,” Bex added.

“The New Moon on October 6 is an excellent time to begin making preparations.

“You know that Pinterest board you established for your ‘dream home?’ It’s time to consider how you can put some of your ideas into action!” You may find yourself with additional opportunities to spend time with family, so take advantage of them.” On October 7, Venus enters Sagittarius, giving you a fresh appreciation for your workplace.

“You may consider organizing your desk or office to make it more appealing, or learning a new course or skill that will help you make more money or increase your income,” Bex suggested.

“Because Venus is the planet of love, you can find a small office romance blossoming.

“Alternatively, you might find yourself drawn to a coworker – especially if they’re a teacher or mentor!”

On October 20, when the Full Moon in the sign of Aries shines brightly in the night sky, it will signal the conclusion of a period in your career.

“A project will be completed or you will change jobs at work,” Bex suggested.

“Or it could be something about which you’ve been concerned. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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