Can you travel to Austria from the United Kingdom? Here’s the latest travel advice as the country is under lockdown.


Can you travel to Austria from the United Kingdom? Here’s the latest travel advice as the country is under lockdown.

After a surge in Covid cases put medical services under strain, Austria has reimposed a full lockdown.

But what does this mean in terms of travel? Can you fly from the UK to Austria?

Austria is under complete lockdown as the number of Covid cases in Europe continues to rise.

Austria will be the first country in Western Europe to reimpose lockdown measures on Monday, November 22 in order to combat rising cases – but what does this mean for travel?

Germany, which is currently experiencing a fourth wave of protests, may also reintroduce measures.

The lockdown in Austria will be accompanied by a deadline of February 1 for the entire population to receive their vaccines.

COVID vaccines have been distributed to at least 12,531,378 people, or 70.6 percent of Austria’s population.

Infections have reached 13,189 per day, with 1,040 infections per 100,000 people, according to Reuters data, indicating that the country is nearing its peak.

During the winter months, Austria is a lovely place to visit, with many people flocking to see the Christmas markets and ski.

Despite the strict lockdown, people from the UK can still travel to the country.

Travelers must show proof of vaccination, a current negative Covid test, or proof of recovery from the virus.

You must show you received the vaccine more than 21 but no more than 270 days before arrival for single-shot vaccines (like Johnson and Johnson).

In the case of vaccines that require two shots (e.g., influenza),

You must show that the second injection was administered no more than 270 days prior to your arrival (AstraZeneca, Moderna).

If you got a booster more than 120 days after being fully immunised, it had to be within 270 days of your arrival.

Those who have not been fully vaccinated must fill out a pre-travel clearance form and be quarantined for ten days once they arrive.

Before November 21, both PCR and lateral flow tests are accepted; after that date, only PCR tests are accepted.

Austrians will have to work from home starting Monday, and non-essential stores and bars will have to close.

For children who require face-to-face learning, schools will remain open.

The deadline for reviewing the measures is in ten days, but the current deadline is December 12.

The restrictions come at a time when many people in Austria are experiencing financial hardship.

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