‘Can you tell me where my job is? ‘: Royal Mail provides a delivery update, including a complete list of affected postcodes.


‘Can you tell me where my job is? ‘: Royal Mail provides a delivery update, including a complete list of affected postcodes.

Due to the pandemic’s disturbances, ROYAL MAIL has experienced postal delays throughout the last year. This Monday, the postal service provided an update on all of the affected postcodes.

Customers are frequently kept informed about any potential delays by Royal Mail. Due to “resourcing challenges,” the company has released a list of postcodes that are likely to encounter delays this week.

Some places in the UK are experiencing delays due to a surge in demand during the pandemic, as well as a staffing deficit.

“Deliveries in some locations may be disrupted this week due to resourcing challenges, associated self-isolation, and safety measures,” Royal Mail stated.

“In these locations, we attempt to distribute at least every other day, albeit this may not always be practicable in offices temporarily afflicted by excessive absenteeism.

“These offices are exceptions.” Full list of affected postcodes: Bath (BA1, BA2) Blackpool (FY1, FY2, FY3, FY4, FY5, FY6) Bristol North (BS6, BS7) Bristol South East (BS4, BS14) Chorley (PR6) Enfield (EN1, EN2, EN3) Ferndown (BH22) Kingswood (BS15, BS30) Middleton (M24) Newton Abbot (TQ12, TQ13) Plympton (PL7) Roch

“We apologize for any delay and appreciate your patience,” Royal Mail added.

“We’re doing everything we can with the resources we have to provide the most complete service imaginable. And we’re making sure Covid-19 immunization letters and test kits get priority delivery.” Customers have also moved to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the delays.

“@RoyalMail where is my post, haven’t had any in a while now,” one Twitter user wrote, while another added, “I think Royal Mail are having serious delays, good thing they’re not delivering my parcels.” Another added, “Be patient if your post is erratic, we are living through crazy times.” Royal Mail has also explained how its Customer Service Point hours are changing.

“If you need to collect an item for which we’ve left a ‘Something for you’ card, please check royalmail.com/services-near-you for details on our updated Customer Service Point opening hours,” the statement read.

“We’re sorry that your mail will not be available for pickup if we haven’t left you a ‘Something for you card’ and you don’t have other arrangements in place.” In other news, Britons have been. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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