‘Can you not do that, please?’ said Death in Paradise star Ralf Little during filming.


‘Can you not do that, please?’ said Death In Paradise star Ralf Little during filming.

Ralf Little, star of DEATH IN PARADISE, has revealed how they were forced to halt filming at one point and received a playful warning.

Ralf Little as DCI Neville Parker and Josephine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell star in the new episode of Death In Paradise, which premieres tonight.

The crime drama, set in the fictional town of Saint Marie and shot on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, has been highly anticipated.

Ralf, who plays the show’s main character, has spoken out about a behind-the-scenes incident in which he was scolded.

It follows the 42-year-old’s attempt to improvise during one scene.

In a new interview released yesterday, Ralf recalled attempting to persuade the show’s producers to allow him to improvise while filming the series.

After discussing his appearance on Death In Paradise almost a decade ago, he made a candid admission.

On the Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, the TV star opened up.

The actor appeared alongside regulars Rachel Horne and Vassos Alexander, as well as host Sam Pinkham.

“I was a guest on the second season of the show.

Ralf explained that he was a red herring.

“It’s a good thing I wasn’t a murderer or a victim, because I don’t think they would have considered me for the part otherwise.”

“I’m the only person who has appeared in the show twice,” he added.

“Surely there should be a throwback to that at some point?” Rachel inquired.

Ralf said it would be “amazing” if the producers included his previous appearance in the show, as he has been attempting to improvise behind the scenes.

The actor explained that he whistled during a show take, which caused him to be told to stop.

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He said, “I’ve been trying to persuade [the producers]to do stuff like that.”

“I was whistling on the show a few months ago and just whistled a random tune in one take.”

“It was the Death In Paradise theme tune,” Ralf explained.

The film crew was left unimpressed, according to the on-screen star, and filming was halted.

“They said, ‘Cut,'” he continued.

‘Please don’t do that.’

‘Oh, come on,’ I said.


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