Can you name the song and complete these lyrics by Led Zeppelin?


Can you name the song and complete these lyrics by Led Zeppelin?

Although LED ZEPPELIN had a brief career together, their music has become some of the most popular among rock lovers – but can you recognise the song and complete the lyrics?

Led Zeppelin formed as a band in the late 1960s and swiftly rose to prominence. They were together for a decade until breaking up in 1980 due to the death of their drummer, John Bonham. Can you, however, identify the tune and complete these well-known lyrics?

Robert Plant, John Bonham, John Paul Jones, and Jimmy Page were members of Led Zeppelin.

The trio became famous in the United States after performing live, rarely releasing singles and instead focusing on albums and live shows.

However, everything came to an end once their drummer, John, passed away, and the band disbanded.

But do you know their songs and could you fill in the blanks on the lyrics? The meanings underlying Queen’s song, Bohemian Rhapsody, are revealed.

“There’s a sign on the wall, but she wants to be sure,” complete the lyrics.

Fill in the blanks: “All those good moments, baby, baby”

“We came from the country of ice and snow,” complete the lyrics.

Fill in the blanks: “And not a single word I heard could I relate to.”

“It is the springtime of my loving,” complete the lyrics.

Fill in the blanks: “I was sixteen when I fell in love.”

“On my journey/I’ve been this way ten years to the day,” complete the lyrics.

“Eyes that shine, burnin’ red” is the last line of the song.

“Took my chances aboard a large jet-plane,” complete the lyrics.

“You harm and abuse/Tellin’ all of your lies,” complete the lyrics.

Fill in the blanks: “And the warmth of your smile begins to burn”

“Mellow is the man who knows what he’s been missing,” complete the lyrics.

“Because you know, words can have two meanings at times.” – Heaven’s Staircase

“I’ve been aching for that for a long time.” – There’s a Whole Lotta Love

“From the land of the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow,” says the narrator. – Song for Immigrants

“It was obvious what was going on.” – The state of Kashmir

“I will be aware of the second season” – Song of the Rain

“With a girl as sweet as can be,” says the narrator. – Both Good and Bad Times

7. “Gotta locate the queen of all my dreams/Ramble on” – Continue rambling 8. “I’m having a lot of dreams about you.” – Dog, Black 9. “Never believe them when they say they’re all the same.” – Visiting California 10. “Run ’round, beautiful baby,” according to the Brinkwire Summary News.


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