‘Can you go?’ Jean Johansson asks a guest to leave her after being rejected for a role in A Place in the Sun.


‘Can you go?’ Jean Johansson asks a guest to leave her after being rejected for a role in A Place in the Sun.

A SUNRISE LOCATION During a search in Spain’s Costa Cálida, presenter Jean Johansson sought a property-hunting guest, but her acquaintance left her alone on the Channel 4 broadcast.

In Monday’s replay of A Place in the Sun, Jean Johansson visited Costa Cálida in northern Spain. The Channel 4 host hoped to find Currina her ideal vacation home and wow her friend Tracy, who had accompanied her on the quest. The host, on the other hand, made a major oversight with one property and asked the friends to leave her alone while they toured the rest of the flat.

Currina needed a two-bedroom apartment for herself and her partner Joe, who couldn’t join her on the trip.

With a budget of £65,000, she want access to a pool and proximity to facilities.

The search for a home got off to a good start, but Currina felt the first two properties were too remote.

“I’m concerned about how quiet this will be in the off-season,” she said.

The residences in the surrounding area, according to Jean, were mostly vacation homes.

Currina declared, “I’m not a quiet girl,” and Jean added, “I can tell!”

The quest, however, took a dismal turn when Currina and Tracy saw the next property, which neither Currina nor Tracy loved.

Currina said, “It doesn’t have much curb appeal,” before Jean added, “You’re unusually silent, [Tracy].”

Currina appeared to have everything she desired in the sophisticated apartment, but Tracy was not thrilled.

“Tracy has gone silent again,” Jean observed, to which the visitor answered, “No, I really dislike it, I don’t like it at all.”

“Hate is a strong word,” the host joked, and Tracy responded, “I couldn’t live there, I couldn’t even stay for a short length of time, it’s soulless, sorry.”

“No, that’s why you’re here,” Jean interjected. What are your thoughts on it [Currina]?”

She replied, “I appreciate the open plan [style]and the design of it, but I wouldn’t want to buy it.”

“You already know that just by standing here?” Jean questioned, shocked.

She replied, “You get a feeling,” before the host added, “I’ve got this all wrong.”

“I thought Currina might appreciate this one; it’s in the heart of town, and it’s exactly what I had in mind for you.

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