‘Can we cut that out!’ exclaims the star of 8 Out of 10 Cats, referring to Jimmy Carr’s awkward introduction.


‘Can we edit that out!’ says the star of 8 Out of 10 Cats, who is mortified by Jimmy Carr’s awkward introduction.

On Friday, Channel 4 premiered an all-new season of 8 OUT OF 10 CATS DOES COUNTDOWN, but it wasn’t off to a good start for guest team captain Roisin Conaty, who was desperate to have her first conversation with host Jimmy Carr “edited out” of the show.

Jimmy Carr co-hosted an all-new episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown with Rachel Riley and Susie Dent on Friday night.

In addition to team captain Jon Richardson, stand-in captain Roisin Conaty, and guests Rob Beckett and Kiri Pritchard-McLean, comedian Huge Davies joined Susie in Dictionary Corner on the Channel 4 comedy.

Roisin was left red-faced by her awkward introduction, so the hilarity didn’t take long to start.

Jimmy turned his attention to Roisin and Kiri after introducing Jon and Rob to the show.

As the studio erupted in applause, Jimmy said, “Up against them this evening is guest team captain Roisin Conaty.”

Roisin decided to make a horns gesture with her hands in response to the applause, before holding her head in embarrassment.

Jimmy and Rob, two other comedians, quickly picked up on the hand gesture and began to imitate it.

“I apologize, Rosh,” Jimmy said, his hands raised in the air.

“What the cowabunga?” says the narrator.

Roisin burst out laughing, pleading with Jimmy, “Can we edit that out?”

Roisin burst out laughing and claimed the gesture was involuntary because she was “panicking,” leaving the audience in stitches once more.

“What was that?” Jimmy inquired once more as Roisin explained, “It was meant to be ironic.”

“Is that a mouse?” the star of After Life and Man Down asked, becoming distracted.

“Then this happened,” she continued, “but it wasn’t a mouse.”

Roisin asked the production crew off-camera, “Can we edit that out?” but Jimmy’s teasing didn’t end there.

“If it embarrasses me, I’ll just try to distract attention… is that a mouse?” Jimmy joked.

Jimmy continued with the script on his card, attempting to move the conversation forward.

“Roisin says she’d be a country singer if she weren’t a comedian.”

“Well, I’m sure comedy’s loss would be country music’s problem if you did that, Roisin.”

The remark elicited laughter, but Roisin saw an opportunity to keep the jokes going and made a sarcastically held hand gesture.

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