‘Can I receive some help?’ As the GMB weather report suffers from inaccuracies, Alex Beresford scrambles.


‘Can I receive some help?’ As the GMB weather report suffers from inaccuracies, Alex Beresford scrambles.

When a weather report halted due to a technical glitch on Friday morning’s ITV show, ALEX BERESFORD was left asking GMB producers and supervisors for “help.”

Alex Beresford has been a fixture on Good Morning Britain for years, giving ITV viewers the most up-to-date meteorological information. Following Piers Morgan’s unexpected leave in March, the reporter has even tried his hand at hosting the show in recent months. However, things did not run as smoothly as usual on Friday morning when one report was hampered by technical difficulties.

With the sun expected to shine brightly this weekend, Alex was on hand to give viewers some good news.

Fortunately for warm-weather aficionados, sunshine is expected to blanket the whole UK throughout the weekend, with temperatures reaching well into the 20s and beyond.

Alex gave one of his reports shortly after 7 a.m., stating that sunshine is on the way for many people across the country – with one exception.

“However, there is a chance of rain in the north-west and slightly cloudier sky here,” he added.

“However, it will either be very warm or hot in places,” Alex continued.

“Temperatures are anticipated to hit 30 degrees Celsius as we head into the weekend,” the GMB host stated.

Alex, on the other hand, appeared to be anticipating a map of the country to appear on his screen so that he could show viewers the locations he was discussing.

And when it didn’t, Alex was eager to poke fun at the show’s producers.

The GMB star informed viewers, “I don’t think my graphics are rolling.”

“I don’t know if I can have a little bit of support in the back room there,” he continued, speaking directly to those behind the scenes.

Alex chuckled nervously as he continued, “That would be wonderful, they’re not going through.”

Fortunately, the image on the screen quickly caught up with Alex’s report, causing him to jokingly say, “There we go!” Perfection.”

Alex completed the rest of his report without incident before moving on to the next segment of the show.

Later in the show, he joined hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Kate Garraway to talk about the horrible abuse directed at England’s footballers. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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