Camping: ‘Equipment doesn’t have to be expensive’ – how to avoid a ‘terrible experience.’


Tips to avoid a “horrible experience” while camping: “Equipment doesn’t have to be expensive.”

With holidaying Britons embracing the great British outdoors, camping has never been more popular.

This website spoke with wild camper Dave Riley about what equipment newbie campers should invest in.

Camping and wild camping are becoming increasingly popular, with British holidaymakers flocking to the great outdoors to make the most of their camping trips.

Travel restrictions, according to Scotland-based wild camper Dave Riley, have benefited camping and wild camping.

“I believe it’s people with travel restrictions taking advantage of opportunities to get out in the countryside,” he said.

Wild camping may be an appealing option for Britons in need of some peace and quiet, as more people flock to the countryside for their outdoor vacations.

Wild camping, according to Dave, can mean a variety of things to different people.

“There’s always a debate about what it means to go wild camping.

“Is wild camping simply going somewhere that doesn’t have an official campsite?”

“I know people who enjoy going wild camping while staying within walking distance of their car.”

“And then there are those who argue that you can’t go wild camping unless you’ve hiked to a location and brought all of your gear.”

Whether campers have hiked up to the most remote locations or simply decided to spend the night in a field near a road, good equipment is essential.

“You don’t have to buy the most expensive equipment,” Dave explained, “but it must be appropriate for the situation.”

When it comes to wild camping in remote areas, having the right equipment is crucial.

“Because it’s a greater challenge, you need to be more prepared in terms of equipment and clothing.”

“I believe that the more difficult it is, the more people will like it.”

When it came to selecting camping gear, Dave had a few pointers.

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the right equipment.

Camping equipment can be very expensive.

“There are a lot of great groups on Facebook for gathering information and seeing what other people are using.”

For camping and wild camping, social media is a fantastic resource.

“And I believe YouTube is one of the best places to look.”

Many people on YouTube provide reviews and advice on various types and forms of camping.

“All you have to do is do a little homework.”

Dave has a suggestion for whatever Britons do.

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