Camping, caravanning, and vacations: Scotland and the north east outshine the south for last-minute summer getaways


Camping, caravanning, and vacations: Scotland and the north east outshine the south for last-minute summer getaways

UK HOLIDAYS are already in full swing, but the school holidays are expected to see a boom in reservations. Fortunately, this does not rule out the possibility of a last-minute vacation.

Because of the ever-changing traffic light regulations, many Britons are opting for a summer vacation at home rather than facing unexpected quarantine and testing laws. However, as is customary, the school holidays are expected to be the busiest season for tourism in the country. This is a trend that is likely to worry last-minute travelers.

The southern coastal districts of England are typically the most popular for camping, caravanning, and hotel stays.

Prices for stays in Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset have risen dramatically as a result of the increased demand, with one family reportedly offered £71,000 for a week-long family holiday in St Ives.

Those that search further afield, on the other hand, do not have to strive for a vacation, even during the school holidays.

It’s as simple as focusing on the beautiful north, according to Graham Hodgson, chief executive of Verdant Leisure.

“Our parks are located in the North East of England and Southern Scotland, and many people are aware of the lovely landscapes in which they are situated and the attractions that the regions have to offer,” he told This website.

“Our recommendation is to go beyond the obvious areas of Cornwall and Devon, which are generally preferred by customers.

“So, if you live in London and generally go to Cornwall for five hours or so, why not drive the same distance north?”

Of course, regardless of where in the country Britons go, the school holidays remain the most popular time to visit, but Mr Hodgson does have one helpful tip for booking a stay.

“It’s worth remembering that Scotland has a distinct school year, so our Scottish parks could be an excellent alternative for our English-based consumers towards the end of August,” he noted.

“Similarly, for Scottish customers visiting our sites in England, early July may be a suitable option.”

As the demand for holiday rentals falls as the season progresses, so does the price.

Mr Hodgson suggests that this is an excellent option for families with younger children or who may be more flexible with their travel dates.

Although the months of July and August offer the hottest weather in the North East region.


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