Campers provide winter camping advice, such as “water would freeze in the container.”


Campers provide winter camping advice, such as “water would freeze in the container.”

CAMPING is a common summer vacation activity. Some Britons, on the other hand, continue to enjoy camping throughout the year, organizing vacations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Outdoor-loving Britons may have spent the summer camping around the country, but the fun doesn’t have to end in the winter.

Adventuresome Britons are planning their Christmas and New Year’s camping trips and sharing ideas on social media.

Camping is a common summer vacation activity.

Campers who aren’t afraid of the cold aim to continue their love of the outdoors throughout the year by organizing winter camping vacations.

“Can you camp all year and has anyone been camping for New Year’s Eve?” Jackie Hudson inquired on Facebook.

The British, it turned out, were not terrified of the cold.

“I tented in December,” Karen Burton remarked.

“We cook using electricity and, of course, have a heater in the winter.” “I’ve spent my entire life camping.” “I love my hiking tent and have used it all year – without a heater, of course – and multiple times between Christmas and New Year,” Christine Roche commented. “Absolutely, you can go all year, just make sure you’re adequately prepared,” Elin Howells remarked.

“A foil-backed camping mat between you and the ground, a 3/4-season sleeping bag, warm pyjamas, a woolly hat, a modest tent, and an evening campfire.”

“As long as you’re prepared, go for it,” Jo Clarke advised. During the lockdown in January, we even tented in our garden. The air was amazing, and I enjoyed the best night’s sleep I’d had in a long time.” “The most recent time I’ve been was for Halloween, and this year we’ve made plans for the New Year,” Jean Louise wrote. Because the property allows fire pits, I’m expecting to have a good time and not be stuck indoors all day.” Laetitia Hogan, on the other hand, had some serious concerns.

“How big is your tent?” she inquired. How do you intend to dry it thoroughly on the perpetually wet or cold days we have during the winter?” “As long as it has a good hydrostatic head and you insulate the ground in the bedroom pods and wrap up tightly with a lot of layers, you should be fine,” she concluded.

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