Camilla premieres the third season of Reading Room with a “dreamy” video called “Our Beautiful Duchess.”


Camilla premieres the third season of Reading Room with a “dreamy” video called “Our Beautiful Duchess.”

THE DUCHESS OF CORNWALL’S READING ROOM is back for its third season today, Friday 16 July.

The Reading Room opened in January 2021, after the Duchess of Cornwall utilized her royal platform to distribute reading lists throughout the pandemic.

Camilla gives book recommendations from a variety of genres and conducts interviews with the authors to learn more about the novels’ backstories.

On Instagram, the Duchess of Cornwall introduced the third season of the Reading Room with a snapshot of herself reading a book in an armchair outside.

Instagram fans flocked to her in a blue summer dress with black and white motifs.

“So beautiful!” one Instagram user exclaimed. Duchess Camilla in a lovely photo. Season three will be a challenge!”

Camilla completed the look with a stunning pair of white wedge shoes, ready for a relaxing afternoon of reading.

Camilla also posted a movie to accompany the still image to promote the Reading Room’s third season.

The Duchess was followed by a camera as she walked around Highgrove Gardens, Prince Charles and Camilla’s private residence.

Camilla’s flair and the gorgeous gardens wowed the audience.

“What a lovely gown on the Duchess! One user said, “That video makes me want to go to Highgrove.”

“How dreamy!” wrote another. It’s the ideal spot for a book… Your Royal Highness has a refined sense of style.”

The grounds surrounded the Gloucestershire residence with a variety of flowers, wooden constructions that looked like small huts, and great gates.

The sound of birds chirping in the background provided a soothing accompaniment to the ‘dreamy’ film.

“Wonderful garden! Another Reading Room member said, “Lovely space for soul recharge,” while another simply said, “Our beautiful Duchess!”

Camilla stated of the Reading Room when it first opened on January 15th, “To me, reading is a tremendous adventure.”

“I’ve loved it since I was a kid, and I want everyone else to appreciate it as much as I do.

“You have the ability to flee, to travel, to laugh, and to grieve.

“In a book, you can find every emotion that humans have.”

The Duchess shared her hopes for the Reading Room a few days later.

“I believe it is for the delight of the public, and I believe they will receive more enjoyment if they can see brief biographies of the authors and why they wrote the book.

“I just assume it’s because I enjoy reading,” Brinkwire Summary News said.


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