Camila Cabello revealed she once worked in a Taylor Swift concert dressing room with Shawn Mendes.


Camila Cabello revealed she once worked in a Taylor Swift concert dressing room with Shawn Mendes.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Pop stars became buddies and then lovers.

It’s no longer a mystery that they have more than just musical connection, but what did Cabello confess about conducting some business with Mendes in the dressing room of a Taylor Swift concert before they ever became a couple?

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are the sweethearts of pop music.

Cabello and Mendes revealed their romantic relationship in the summer of 2019 after years of friendship.

However, several onlookers accused them of fabricating their relationship for the sake of attention, possibly because they appear to be so ideal for each other.

Despite the rumors, the two appear to have remained together for years.

Mendes once remarked that every song he’s written is about Cabello, and Cabello revealed that Mendes helps her with anxiety. As a result, they appear to assist and motivate one another in healthy ways.

They share photos from their milestones, such as some from their two-year anniversary, with their admirers.

Cabello, on the other hand, appears to be quick to block anyone who makes a negative comment about her or her relationship.

She recently opened up about the beginnings of their romance, before they were together. What happened in a dressing room at Taylor Swift’s concert when they were just friends? In a dressing room, Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes began writing “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Cabello and Mendes were at Swift’s concert before they became a couple and were supposedly motivated to compose some songs of their own. So they walked into a dressing room and began writing “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” their popular tune.

Cabello revealed on The Voice after competitors were given the song to perform, “Shawn and I started writing this in a dressing room at Taylor Swift’s concert.” She continued, “I walked away with more than a song, if you know what I mean.”

John Legend also remarked on the two actors’ incredible chemistry before they became romantically involved. “What’s crazy is that this song was Shawn and Camila’s first-ever collaboration before they were dating,” he explained. Kelly Clarkson felt that the song is “extremely compelling.”

So, it appears that the collaborators worked their musical magic in that dressing room!

The figurative cat was let out of the bag by ‘Seorita.’

Some fans couldn’t believe Cabello and Mendes weren’t romantically linked after hearing the song and seeing the sexy video for “Seorita.” With lines like “you say…,” Brinkwire Entertainment has released a new video.


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