Buckingham Palace Gardens are now open to the public for the first time, and the warden compliments the “amazing vista.”


Buckingham Palace Gardens are now open to the public for the first time, and the warden compliments the “amazing vista.”

The gardens at Buckingham Castle will open to the public for picnics and tours for the first time on Friday, in an effort to raise revenue after the pandemic hit the palace “hard.” So, what can visitors to the gardens expect to see? Visitors will be given a “really special chance,” according to royal experts.

Despite being in the heart of London, the public has had little access to Buckingham Palace’s gorgeous grounds – until now. Tickets to see the beautiful gardens have been sold out for months, therefore more have been added for the months of July and September. So, what can visitors to the royal gardens expect?

On BBC Breakfast, Adam, 25, a Royal Collection visitor services warden, stated that visitors will be able to view the garden’s great variety of flowers, some of which were planted by royal family members.

“When guests come in, they’ll be able to view the herbaceous border,” he explained.

“It’s 156 meters long, with exotic flora including banana and strawberry trees, as well as buddleias, sweet peas, and fox gloves.

“Plane trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert themselves will also be shown.

“You’ll also get a fantastic view of the lake, which is 3.5 acres in size and holds three million gallons of water, as well as five of our primary beehives on the island.”

Every year, the palace bees make 160 jars of honey, which is served at royal events.

Flowers are collected from a garden border every week to produce a posy for the Queen’s desk.

The last preparations for tomorrow’s big opening are now underway.

Buckingham Palace, like many other tourist attractions around the UK, has been “badly struck” by the pandemic, according to BBC Royal correspondent Sarah Campbell.

Last year, the palace did not open at all, and this year, due to the government’s travel restrictions, there are significantly fewer international tourists.

The number of people allowed into the palace is now “severely limited.”

“It makes economical sense to open up the gardens,” she added.

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With 100,000 visitors expected, tickets to enjoy the gardens will start at £16.50 per adult.

However, this is still still about a sixth of the number of people who paid to visit the palace before the.


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