Brooke Shields is seen taking a brief dip in the pool for Thanksgiving in a sultry red bikini.


Brooke Shields is seen taking a brief dip in the pool for Thanksgiving in a sultry red bikini.

As part of her new Thanksgiving custom, the former supermodel and eternal beauty, 56, dove into a plunge pool in a scorching red bikini.

Brooke Shields appears to be in excellent shape for someone who spent time in the hospital and then at home recovering from the anguish of a broken femur. She accomplished all of this without the use of pain medication, and her new post only serves to demonstrate that she has fully recovered and is ready to go again. Shields swam in her plunge pool on Thanksgiving Day, looking as sultry as ever in a red monokini. She shivered as she exited the pool, and while it wasn’t as pleasant, Shields assured that it will become a Thanksgiving tradition for her.

Shields has a busy holiday season ahead of him, with his romantic comedy ‘A Castle for Christmas’ premiering on Netflix on November 26. Sophie portrays American author Sophie Brown, who moves to Scotland to escape a tumultuous divorce and a lack of culture. While she’s there, she wants to acquire a castle to use as inspiration for her next book, but the owner (Cary Elwes) isn’t so keen on the idea. “I was simply so attracted to how powerful this woman was,” Shields told USA Today about why she took on the role. ‘What now?’ ‘What’s going to happen next?’ she wonders. She’s a wonderful mother with a full-time job.’ News from the Brinkwire Despite her fear of invasive cosmetic surgery, Brooke Shields claims her daughters want her to go under the knife. Inside actress Brooke Shields’ opulent New York mansion ‘What’s your workout routine these days, Brooke?’ “Girl, what’s your current workout routine?! “You’re looking amazing and in great condition!” an admirer said. “Come to Banff and do it in one of our glacier-fed lakes!!” “However, well done!” exclaimed another. “You’re always so beautiful….maybe even more,” said a third. Another encouraging comment said, “Wow, nice for you, and you look fantastic by the way.” “It’s obvious that you’re missing Scotland!! And the subzero weather,” another added, referring to her latest film.

Shields’ supporters applauded her on her recovery, which she accomplished without the use of painkillers, extending her hospital stay, but she had a reason. Shields said she made the decision because she was afraid of becoming addicted to opiates like OxyContin or Vicodin, as she stated earlier in November. “I didn’t want to leave the hospital with a negative attitude.” Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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