Britons reveal what it takes to be the “ideal” neighbor: “takes your garbage out.”


Britons reveal what it takes to be the “ideal” neighbor: “takes your garbage out.”

NEIGHBORS ARE IMPORTANT IN OUR DAY-TO-DAY LIVES, and while we don’t get to select who we live next to, having a decent neighbor can make a difference. What, then, makes a ‘ideal’ neighbor?

According to recent research, half of Britons now consider their neighbors to be friends, up 19% from before the lockdown.

According to a survey conducted by Barefoot Wine, the ideal neighbor has 30 characteristics.

‘Never parking outside someone else’s home,’ ‘inviting locals over for a glass of wine,’ and ‘putting their bins out when they are away’ were among the finest qualities.

According to statistics, three quarters of Britons believe they live next door to the perfect person.

Since the epidemic, friendships between neighbors have grown, according to the study.

Because locals were forced to stay at home for such a lengthy period of time during the lockdown, they were able to participate in various activities that brought them together, such as “popping into the garden for a glass of wine” or “street barbecues and long walks under “stay local” orders.”

The ideal neighbor is someone who “will always say hello,” “sign for deliveries,” and “keep an eye on your house while you’re away.”

Other characteristics include “someone who offers notice of barbecues and parties” and “someone who asks how we are feeling on a regular basis.”

A third said they admire neighbors who often assist the elderly and vulnerable.

78 percent of Britons say they already have the “ideal” neighbor, while 69 percent believe they are the “ideal” neighbor.

The most significant and valued feature, though, is “saying hello every morning.”

One in every five people also wants certain occupations to be represented in their town.

The majority of individuals want to live near a doctor, followed by a teacher and a chef, while one in ten people wishes their neighborhood had a wine connoisseur.

That’s because a quarter of Britons think a bottle of wine is the best gift a neighbor can give them.

“It’s essentially luck who we end up living next to,” a representative for Barefoot Wine said, “so it’s fantastic to see how many people feel favorably about their neighbors and community.”

“Neighbors have often been the only persons with whom we’ve had face-to-face communication, especially in the last year.

“So many communities came together, whether it was over the fence or in the garden for a glass of wine,” said one participant. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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