‘British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) must be defunded!’ Charlie Stayt has been chastised for his ‘irresponsible’ panic buying of insurance.


‘British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) must be defunded!’ Charlie Stayt has been chastised for his ‘irresponsible’ panic buying of insurance.

On Thursday, when he discussed supermarket shortages with British Retail Consortium Chief Executive Helen Dickinson, CHARLIE STAYT was slammed by BBC Breakfast listeners.

Helen Dickinson joined Charlie Stayt on BBC Breakfast to discuss grocery shortages across the UK. However, after seeing photographs of bare shelves throughout the programme, BBC viewers speculated that his interview and the show’s coverage on the subject would cause some listeners to “panic purchase.”

Two photographs of empty grocery shelves in the shop’s potential drink aisles were mentioned by the BBC Breakfast presenter.

“We’ve been showing a few of images, and these are pictures taken by individuals in particular shops showing empty shelves,” Charlie continued.

“That in and of itself is not proof of a broad problem; we need to be cautious about the picture we’re painting, but you just stated there will be major problems in the next hours or days.

“Could you tell me which firms and items you’re referring to? Otherwise, there’s a lot of scaremongering; could you please break it down for me?”

Helen responded, “Well, I think it’s isolated in areas of the country, and each business will deal with it differently, and each firm will be geographically scattered differently.”

“I think the most important thing is that people aren’t panicking because there’s plenty of food in the country,” she said, “but that individual businesses have begun to speak out about the impact on their business.”

“You may have heard Iceland’s Richard Walker mention in the last few days that he needs to cut hours at some of his stores and, in the worst-case scenario, close stores.

“There will be many smaller enterprises that, if they just have one or two employees and need to self-isolate, will have to entirely close their doors.

“What I can say is that everyone I talk to is reporting higher absenteeism rates than they expected.”

“What will happen in stores if the government does not adjust the regulations regarding when you have to self-isolate and the groups of people who are forced to do so?” Charlie asked.

“What I see is that we, as consumers, will have less choice in terms of what we can buy at our local convenience store, supermarket, and online,” she responded.

“Our delivery will take a little longer.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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