‘Bridgerton’: The spoiler for season 2 that you might have skipped in the final scene


The talk of the city is Bridgerton.

The latest historical drama on Netflix has everyone googling for Viscounts and Dukes.

As Season 1 only had eight episodes, watching over the holidays was a reasonably fast series. People are already looking forward to Season 2 with all of the excitement surrounding Season 1.

But viewers unfamiliar with the books that inspired the series might have skipped this big season 2 spoiler in the final scenes of the finale.

Bridgerton Season 1

“Season 1 of “Bridgerton” introduced all the main characters of the “Sound” social season to audiences.

As a qualified woman, the season preceded Daphne Bridgerton’s first social season.

There were a number of men courting her husband after Daphne was named the diamond of the season by the queen.

However, Daphne soon had only one marriage proposal, which was anything but attractive, owing to the overbearing nature of her eldest brother Anthony and his rough treatment of prospective suitors.

Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, had returned to London at the same time to settle the affairs of his late father. When he and Daphne met, they made a deal: they would pretend to court each other so that Daphne would appear more attractive and without being pursued by all the mothers with a marriageable daughter, Simon could get through the season.

Anthony tried to reconcile his relationship with an opera singer who was not of noble birth when all this was going on, the Featheringtons tried to cover a huge secret, and the new city gossip, Lady Whistledown, was there to report on every single scandal.

Season 2 will concentrate on 2 unlikely characters:’ Bridgerton’:

The Season 1 Spoiler

Rhimes did not make up the plot, even though Bridgerton is part of Shonda Rhimes’ Shondaland.

Bridgerton is based upon the eight-novel Bridgerton series by author Julia Quinn.

The events of the first book in the series, The Duke and I, were followed by Season 1. If this trend continues, then the second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, could follow Season 2.

In the novel, after his father dies from a bee sting, Anthony becomes the new Viscount.

In the entire book, bees become an integral emblem, as a bee is also stung later on by the woman Anthony loves.

Although the series doesn’t necessarily suit the books, because the Viscount is already dead in Season 1, in the closing scenes of Season 1, there was a tiny bee that was obviously an allusion to the books and what would happen in Season 2.

The producer of the series, Chris Van Dusen, also disclosed that Season 2 will concentrate on other Bridgertons.

He told Collider, “I feel like the first season was mostly about Daphne and her love story with Simon.” But because it’s a family of eight kids and there are eight books, for all the Bridgerton siblings, I’d like to concentrate on that and just tell stories and love stories.

For every character, for certain.

‘Bridgerton: Season 1 left us with the 3 biggest questions.

So, while we’re going to concentrate on Anthony next season, we might also have Benedict, Colin and Eloise seasons.

You should go ahead and read “The Viscount Who Loved Me” for big spoilers if you simply can’t wait to find out how the story unfolds.


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