Bride blasts new spouse on Married at First Sight UK, saying, “Not what I ordered.”


Bride blasts new spouse on Married at First Sight UK, saying, “Not what I ordered.”

With season six, MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT UK returns bigger, better, and bolder than ever before, as seen in the teaser trailer, where bride-to-be Morag was less than satisfied with the man she was paired with.

Married at First Sight made its way to the UK after taking inspiration from the Australian version, and now season six has returned on E4 with eight new couples taking a trip down the aisle. The mystery of who will be coupled with who will stay the same; however, the show’s weddings are not legally binding, and for the first time, the show will include a same-sex couple.

The premise of the show is a radical social experiment in which unmarried people are paired by experts and marry complete strangers at the altar.

During lockdown, the Australian series was a huge hit, and it’s back for a sixth season in the UK.

“Following the Australian pattern, rather than formal marriages, the couples will make lifelong promises to one another,” a program spokeswoman told

Unlike the Australian version, where the couples must be legally married, the UK version will not require them to be in a legally binding marriage.

The trailer for the new series, which aired on Monday night, showed Vet Morag, a 31-year-old bride-to-be, being completely dissatisfied with her match.

Morag did not like what she saw when she walked down the aisle and came face to face with Luke, a 36-year-old car home manager and fireman.

“I mean, I didn’t exactly get what I ordered,” Morag explains to the cameras after the ceremony.

The teaser trailer also included the same-sex couple of 27-year-old Daniel, who enjoys the outdoors, and 39-year-old Matt, who is trying to get over a bad break-up.

The couple is presented with an age gap, as shown by the voice-over, with Matt asking, “How old are you?”

E4 also released a trailer for the show on Twitter, but some fans were not convinced by the UK version of the show.

“So disappointed, won’t be watching,” one user stated. “There was nothing wrong with the original concept, so why has it been dumbed down to rubbish reality television?”

“Looking at the trailers, it appears like it’s now gone ‘that root’ at the fame-hungry, predictable after the Aussie one, I’ll give it a shot, but not holding my hopes,” another added.

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