Brian May’s 74th birthday is being commemorated by members of Queen and Adam Lambert’s bands.


Brian May’s 74th birthday is being commemorated by members of Queen and Adam Lambert’s bands.

On Instagram, members of the QUEEN and Adam Lambert bands wished Brian May a happy 74th birthday.

Brian May, the guitarist for Queen, turned 74 yesterday, and his Queen and Adam Lambert band colleagues were in attendance to celebrate. Brian played guitar for Queen when he was younger, according to bassist Neil Fairclough, who fills in for John Deacon. “Happy Birthday Brian!!…,” he said on Instagram. There are 74 orbits around the sun… “Have a wonderful day!!”

“Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter,” the Queen and Adam Lambert bassist added.

“I’m a singer, astrophysicist, a stereoscopic wizard, an animal welfarist, and a lot more…

Man, you’re an inspiration!! Brian, thank you…”

The band’s percussionist and vocalist, who is on tour with drummer Roger Taylor, also spoke up.

Tyler Warren sent a photo of Brian on stage during one of his recent Queen and Adam Lambert concerts.

Neil Fairclough (@neilmfairclough) shared a post.

“The man,” Tyler captioned it. The legend. This is a legend. It’s my birthday!

“Happy birthday, Doctor Brian May, my employer (one of ’em), band buddy, and fellow long-hair!! Thank you, my friend! “Perhaps we’ll meet each other sooner rather than later!”

With a historic concert photo captured by Neal Preston, the official Queen Instagram page also wished Brian a Happy Birthday.

Roger Taylor is 71 next week, and this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of Queen’s final lineup, which included John Deacon, who joined the band in 1971.

Queen (@officialqueenmusic) shared a post.

Tyler Warren (@tyler fn warren) shared a post.

Due of the pandemic, Queen and Adam Lambert will not be able to perform live this year.

Their initial UK and European tour dates in 2020 have been pushed back to summer 2022.

In the meantime, Brian has been hard at work on a remastered edition of his debut album Back To The Light, which will be released on August 6.

Driven By You and Resurrection have already had reissued singles and music videos.

While Roger was locked up, he was working on his latest solo album, which he penned and recorded.

Outsider is the title of the album, and it will be released on October 1st, coinciding with the drummer’s solo tour.

Roger sings and plays almost all of the instruments, much like Sir Paul on his McCartney III album. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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