Brian May of Queen calls it “the greatest cover rendition ever — this is wonderful.”


Brian May of Queen calls it “the greatest cover rendition ever — this is wonderful.”

LEGEND OF THE QUEEN In a recent post to his fans, Brian May declares “the finest cover version EVER.” The star was giddy to the point of swearing.

Brian’s quest to mobilize his Bri-army to get the rerelease of his debut solo album, Back To The Light, into the charts has lately made news. It’s the first release from his Brian May Gold series of remastered versions of his solo stuff, and it’s accompanied by Out Of The Light, a bonus CD with new tracks. However, earlier today, he highlighted the “magnificent” work of other musicians. TO WATCH THE VIDEO IN ITS ENTIRETY, SCROLL DOWN.

Brian made the announcement to his 2.9 million Instagram followers on his page.

“This has to be the finest cover of one of my songs EVER,” he wrote. It’s not from Back to the Light; instead, it’s from Another World. It hits home for me because we’re now working on an album for the upcoming issue of my GOLD SERIES. Also, it was a belated birthday present from these beautiful boys! But, above all, because it’s fn wonderfully done… THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.”

Under Pressure was written by Freddie Mercury and David Bowie “when inebriated.”

Tyler Warren and Neil Fairclough collaborated on a cover rendition of the song Business. Aside from being exceptionally gifted multi-instrumentalists and singers, the duo is also a member of the Queen + Adam Lambert touring band.

Brian’s birthday was on July 19th, but they disclosed why they had delayed posting the video of the song in a poignant statement before launching into an epic version that even the great man believes does him proud.


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“We didn’t want to come in the way of the rerelease of your very first solo record, Back To The Light, hence it was so late from us,” Tyler explained. We hope you enjoy this, Brian; we miss you. Happy Belated Birthday, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Neil ended with a witty remark: “Well, there’s just one more thing for us to say,” he said. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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