Brian May is ‘satisfied’ to be back with EMI, Queen’s record label – ‘Freddie Mercury stands in effigy.’


Brian May is ‘satisfied’ to be back with EMI, Queen’s record label – ‘Freddie Mercury stands in effigy.’

BRIAN MAY has paid a visit to EMI, Queen’s original record label, with whom the guitarist has re-signed. He recently highlighted how Freddie Mercury now “stands in effigy” with Kayne West and Taylor Swift in a new post.

Queen, the unsigned band of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon, got a deal with EMI in 1973 for their self-titled album. After nearly 40 years of collaboration, the renowned rock band collaborated alongside the record label until 2010. Queen manager Jim Beach revealed at the time that the band would be leaving EMI and signing a new deal with Universal Music. However, only a few years later, Universal purchased EMI, which became the worldwide label for Queen and Adam Lambert’s Live Around the World CD last year.

Brian May recently collaborated with EMI on the remastering of his debut solo album, Back to the Light, and is currently working on another for his second, Another World.

The Queen guitarist visited the record label in a recent Instagram post, expressing his delight at the opportunity to collaborate with them again.

“Dear folks…. thought you might like to know I visited my record company today,” the 74-year-old wrote.

“By ‘MY’ record label, I don’t mean I own it! It is the company that has generously invested in BACK TO THE LIGHT 2021.”

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“And how satisfying that, despite the fact that the parent business is Universal, I’m now signed to the EMI label – just like Queen was in 1970,” Brian May remarked.

“In a sense, my album and EMI have come full circle. Do you know what the letters EMI stand for? [Industry of Electricity and Music]

“Well, sitting with – and meeting for the first time in person – the wonderful young folks who are now moving the wheels of this historic organization was quite a weird experience.”

The Queen icon went on to talk about how EMI honors Freddie Mercury.

Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) shared a post.

“A site where Freddie now.” Brinkwire Summary News, Brian continued.


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