Brian May felt Freddie Mercury’s presence while recording the ‘joyful’ Made in Heaven album.


Brian May felt Freddie Mercury’s presence while recording the “joyful” Made in Heaven album.

FREDDIE MERCURY’s vocals appear on Queen’s final album, Made in Heaven, which Brian May admitted he was initially hesitant to work on.

Roger Taylor also recalls feeling the late singer’s presence in the studio and almost consulting his spirit for guidance on the track with John Deacon.

Freddie Mercury’s final album was released in 1991, just months before his untimely death at the age of 45.

Brian May’s iconic The Show Must Go On was the perfect ending for Innuendo’s magnificent final track, which the weakened singer belted out in the studio after a couple of strong shots of vodka.

However, after the star’s death, guitarist Roger Taylor and John Deacon realized they still had another album in them, made up of the frontman’s unreleased recordings; a treasure trove of undiscovered gems.

Brian and Roger chart the process of putting together the band’s fastest-selling studio album in this week’s episode of the official YouTube documentary series, Queen the Greatest.

The band took a break after the phenomenal Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992 before taking on their next challenge.

The Queen trio then returned to Mountain Studios in Montreux, Switzerland, in 1993 to unearth what had been buried.

“Of course, there was all the unfinished material we’d done with Freddie lurking in the wings,” Brian explained, “and what were we going to do with it? Would we be able to make an album with it?”

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“Things like A Winter’s Tale really came out of that, that sort of desperately ill stage,” Roger recalled.

They were made with the knowledge that Fred wouldn’t be around for long.”

Brian hadn’t exactly been rushing back to face Queen without their frontman prior to being persuaded to start work on Made in Heaven.

“I think I dragged my feet, I think I went through a long grieving process because I didn’t want to talk about Queen,” he said.

I went on my solo tour, and of course, that was all anyone could talk about.

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