Brian May explains how to join his Bri-army and subscribe to the Queen legend’s WATCH newsletter.


Brian May explains how to join his Bri-army and subscribe to the Queen legend’s WATCH newsletter.

BRIAN MAY has revealed how fans can join his Bri-army in a bid to send his record Back to the Light to No. 1 on the charts. The Queen legend has also announced the launch of his own email newsletter.

Brian May appealed on Queen fans earlier this week to help him reach No. 1 with his remastered debut solo album Back to the Light, which will be released on August 6. Since then, he’s commented on Instagram, saying, “It’s true! YOU FOLKS are the only ones who can make this happen!! I can’t make a hit album by myself. I’m in desperate need of an ARMY!! There’s also a pyramid scheme!!! Laugh out loud! (I’m kidding.)

“Later today, if you’re up for this adventure/campaign/thrust, I’ll post a message from my recruitment officer with specifics on how to sign up for the Bri-Army,” Brian concluded.

“And, by the way, everybody who has endured the arduous task of signing up will be rewarded with the opportunity to purchase this T-shirt – special offer zero profit dirt cheap!!!

“After all, by donning it, you’re fighting for Bri – and for all of us to return to the light!!! Okay, I’ll stop yelling now… Bri..”

The Queen guitarist then explained how fans may actually get involved in a video message.

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Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) shared a post.

“So we decided to take this seriously,” Brian explained. So, if you want to join the Bri-army and help me with various tasks – first and foremost, get me a No. 1 record, which shouldn’t be too difficult – you can do so!”

Queen fans are urged to join up for his mailing list weekly, which will contain all of his newest news and information, according to the 74-year-old.

While the Bri-army T-shirt can be pre-ordered for £16.99 on the Queen Online store before its August 7 release.

Fans will be able to wear the top in the week after the release of Back to the Light, prior of the UK albums chart announcement.

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