Brian May calls Eric Clapton a “fruitcake” for his anti-vax remarks, saying, “Very different viewpoints!”


Brian May calls Eric Clapton a “fruitcake” for his anti-vax remarks, saying, “Very different viewpoints!”

Following Eric Clapton’s recent statement regarding vaccine passports, Brian May has slammed anti-vaxxers as “fruitcakes.”

Following news that a vaccine passport could be introduced for certain events, Eric Clapton, 76, has ruled out performing on any stage where there may be a “discriminated audience present” and will only perform if “there is provision made for all people to attend,” he said in a statement shared via Robin Monotti’s Telegram account.

Brian May, who advocates for the coronavirus vaccine, has slammed those who oppose it.

“I love Eric Clapton, he’s my hero,” the Queen star told The Independent, “but he has quite different opinions from me in many ways.”

“I’m sorry, but I think anti-vaxxers are fruitcakes.

“There is a lot of evidence that vaccination is beneficial. Overall, they’ve been really safe.”

While working on his parents’ farm, Matt Baker scolds his wife.

Eric previously stated that after obtaining the vaccine, he experienced “disastrous” adverse effects.

“I took the first shot of AZ and immediately had significant effects that lasted 10 days,” he stated in a letter.

“I ultimately healed, and I was informed the next one would be twelve weeks away.”

For two weeks after receiving the second injection, the musician’s hands and feet were “either cold, numb, or burning.”

“I was afraid I’d never be able to play again,” he continued.

The Covid vaccine, according to the NHS and scientists, is the greatest way to protect yourself from the virus.

The jabs that have been approved for use in the United Kingdom have satisfied stringent safety, quality, and efficacy criteria.

A headache, achy feeling, feeling or being ill, and a hurting arm are all examples of mild symptoms.

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Brian also chastised Boris Johnson for his handling of the pandemic in other places.

At every turn, the rockstar criticized the Prime Minister for being “too little, too late.”

“Hundreds, if not thousands, of our relatives died as a result of bad counsel and bad judgments taken by Boris alongside [Matt] Hancock and those other people,” he continued.

The artist went on to claim that if the borders were closed earlier, the country would be in a “different situation.”

Boris acknowledged in March that there were many things he wishes he could do. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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