Brian May announces an all-day Bri-TV album launch, complete with fan Q&A and surprise guests.


Brian May announces an all-day Bri-TV album launch, complete with fan Q&A and surprise guests.

On Instagram, BRIAN MAY announced an all-day Bri-TV album launch for Back to the Light, which would include interviews, fan Q&As, and mystery guests.

Brian May, the guitarist for Queen, will release his remastered debut solo album Back to the Light on Friday. To commemorate and promote the album, the 74-year-old has launched Bri-TV and encouraged admirers to join his Bri-army. Brian addressed his 10,000-strong Bri-army in a new video posted to Instagram, thanking them for their innovation, dedication, and imagination in helping him achieve a UK No. 1 when the album drops.

To raise awareness, members of the Bri-army have pre-ordered Driven By You T-shirts featuring Brian May’s face, while others have waved signs in the streets, according to the singer.

Before singing the rest of the song, the rock legend stated, “I feel like the Grand Old Duke of York!” after playing his electric guitar.

“On Friday, which is my Back to the Light launch day, we’re going to have a little Bri-TV event,” he stated.

“So, I’ll be going live on Instagram utterly unpredictably and chaotically, but that’s my goal pretty much all day.”

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Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) shared a post.

“You’ll see the kind of craziness that goes on at my apartment on a launch day,” Brian continued.

“Actually, we’ll be starting quite early, possibly around eight o’clock in the morning. I know, that’s unheard of for me!”

On Friday, the 74-year-old teased that he’ll be questioned on Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 show by Matt Lucas before appearing on Lorraine.

“I’m hoping you guys can be a part of that from my perspective and see how it goes,” Brian said, adding that fans may follow along on pieces via his Instagram.

Brian explained that he does a lot of interviews during the day, but he hopes to have a Q&A with followers and even some 1-on-1 Instagram connections during his breaks.

Bri-TV would also feature a few of surprise guest presenters from the ranks of the Bri-army, according to the celebrity.

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