Brian Laundrie is compared to wife killer Scott Peterson by Dog the Bounty Hunter.


Brian Laundrie is compared to wife killer Scott Peterson by Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Brian’s father’s involvement, according to the injured Duane Chapman, implies Brian is ‘guilty,’ and slams his inclusion to the hunt as ‘too late.’

The FBI has yet to name Brian Laundrie as a suspect in Gabby Petito’s killing, but that hasn’t prevented Dog the Bounty Hunter from accusing him. The wrestler, whose real name is Duane Chapman, stated in a recent interview that including Brian’s father Chris Laundrie in the campaign “fits the MO of most individuals who…are guilty of something.” On October 10, Chapman was injured while searching for Laundrie, causing him to call off the hunt and return home to Colorado. The accident occurs just days after he was served papers in connection with a $1.3 million lawsuit over his now-defunct show ‘Dog Unleashed.’ Despite this, he’s still very much active with the search for Laundrie, which has gotten a lot of buzz and even some TV offers in recent weeks.

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In the midst of seeking for his son, Chris Laundrie seemed to be ‘disturbingly happy’ with an FBI investigator. BrianDog the Bounty Hunter claims that film from Walmart and camping waste will lead to Brian Laundrie. Chapman has made a few discoveries since joining the quest, but his opinions on the case have primarily kept people interested. Brian’s Instagram was previously branded “demonic,” and he even stated that he believes Brian “isn’t suicidal.” Chapman, in a recent interview with The Sun, criticized Chris’ involvement and compared Brian to infamous wife-killer Scott Peterson.

Brian is compared to Scott Peterson by Champan.

“Most of the people who kill their wives and families hide up for three or four days,” Chapman told The Sun, “and then demonstrators start and the stories start.” “And people are saying, ‘Well, Scott Peterson, if you don’t know where she is, why aren’t you out there helping?'” he continued. Brian’s father Chris, he said, rode “about in a golf cart, and showed the cops what to do” as a result of the public pressure. It was also unusual for a parent to be involved in this way, according to Chapman. Chris joined the FBI on October 7 as they searched the enormous Carlton Reserve for Brian, as we previously reported. He was seen cruising about in a golf cart and even laughing with a cop who looked eerily similar to Brian. “In my 41 years of bounty hunting, I’ve never heard of that,” Chapman remarked. “I’ve never heard of police departments, and I’m sure it wasn’t the FBI,” he said, “and I’m sure it wasn’t the FBI who took the father on the ride-along.” Chris’ involvement, he said, was “a little late.” Brian has been missing since at least September 13th, but his whereabouts are unknown. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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