Brian Laundrie: According to Dog the Bounter Hunter, campsite poop and Walmart CCTV will lead to him.


Brian Laundrie: According to Dog the Bounter Hunter, campsite poop and Walmart CCTV will lead to him.

Dog didn’t say whether anything on the Walmart surveillance film was beneficial, but he did describe a garbage can under a camera as a “criminal smorgasbord.”

It’s been two weeks since Dog the Bounty Hunter declared that he was leading an independent search for Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s missing lover and a person of interest in her death in Florida. He’s now published some of his more intriguing discoveries, such as Walmart security film and poop from a campsite.

Dog, whose actual name is Duane Chapman, told The Sun on Friday, October 8, that he’s received crucial information that he hopes will lead to Laundrie’s detention. “Is he still living, or has he passed away? Oh, yes. Yes, he is still alive “Dog said. “Do they want us to believe he’s dead? Oh, yes. Do they hope we believed his body was being devoured by alligators? Oh, yes.” Dog claimed that the longer Laundrie is on the run, the more confident he is that the 23-year-old is to blame for Petito’s death, who was 22 years old. “At first, I assumed [Gabby’s death] was accidental – second degree involuntary [manslaughter],” he explained. “Now, based on the manner he’s running, I believe it’s more.” News from the Brinkwire Is Brian Laundrie a devil worshipper? The ‘demonic’ allegations of Dog the Bounty Hunter are backed up by terrifying video. In his pursuit for Brian Laundrie, Dog the Bounty Hunter goes into swamp water and is chastised for being a ‘gimmick.’ Petito and Laundrie had gone on a cross-country journey in July, and he came home on September 1 without her in the van they had traveled in together. Laundrie has been missing since September 14 and was officially declared’missing’ on September 17. This prompted authorities to look for Laundrie in the neighboring Carlton Reserve, but they have had no luck thus yet. Gabby’s body has since been located by officials in a Wyoming park. The death of the vlogger was verified as a homicide by Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue, although the immediate cause of death is still unknown as authorities await the official autopsy results.

What Walmart surveillance revealed to Dog

Dog has been collecting surveillance footage evidence in his search for Laundrie. He went to a Walmart on Friday and was given access to a 24-hour security camera by the management, he said. He did not say whether anything on the film was valuable to him, but he did refer to a trash can under the camera as a “criminal smorgasbord.” feces from the campsite Last week, Dog revealed that he has uncovered a campsite at the Fort de Soto campground that could be linked to Laundrie. In terms of what. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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