Brexit will result in a six-hour wait for Britons landing in amber countries.


Brexit will result in a six-hour wait for Britons landing in amber countries.

Travel agents have warned that if Britons travel to EU countries this summer, they may have to queue for up to six hours.

According to the travel union, airport lines could stretch for up to six hours once the travel restrictions are lifted on July 19.

COVID-19 inspections and Brexit are both to blame for the extra time spent in the airport.

When Britons arrive in Europe, they will no longer be able to use their e-gates at border control and would instead be subjected to a physical passport control check.

“There will still be waits linked with EU leave, with employees possibly not being as available,” said Lucy Moreton, Professional Officer at Immigration Services Union.

“Especially if self-isolation rates rise as quickly as some predict they will before August 19th.

“However, as long as we have to examine… [Covid] papers for every arriving passenger, these lines will form.”

Airport lines are already around two hours long, but once travel restrictions for vaccinated Britons are lifted, the time will certainly increase dramatically.

Passengers in the United Kingdom must undergo COVID-19-related inspections conducted by both UK border personnel and the airline before to flight.

When Britons arrive at their destination, they will face long lines for various procedures, including the COVID-19 test requirements and passport control.

The border force now needs to manually inspect the papers, and Britons are no longer able to utilize the e-gates for faster entry, making immigration procedures for UK tourists take longer.

Grant Shapps, the Secretary of Transportation, made a statement on the subject.

“The airport from which you are departing is where you should expect long lines.

“Once you get back to the UK, everything starts to get automated.”

“There were long lines at immigration when I landed at Heathrow Terminal 2,” said Nicky Kelvin, a tourist who recently arrived from an amber list nation and Head of the Points Guy UK.

“I had to stand in line for an hour only to be processed through immigration in 30 seconds with very minimal questioning.”

Currently, UK visitors traveling from a green list country must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, fill out a passenger locator form, and pay for two PCR tests.

From July 19, fully vaccinated Britons will be free to do the same while returning from such countries, as quarantine will no longer be required.

Those arriving from amber countries will be required to show proof of receipt of the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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