Breeze to take control as Power fans predict Unique and Raq deaths in a fresh twist in Raising Kanan?


Breeze to take control as Power fans predict Unique and Raq deaths in a fresh twist in Raising Kanan?

In episode four of RAISING KANAN, things between the rival gangs began to heat up, and now fans believe Unique and Raq may perish in an unexpected twist.

Raising Kanan is the most recent Power spin-off, and production is already underway. In the most recent episode of the Starz criminal thriller, Raq Thomas (played by Patina Miller) and her adversary Unique (Joey Bada$$) witnessed things start to fall apart. Fans believe Raq and Unique will die as a result of the impending battle.

Raising Kanan gives viewers an inside look at the upbringing of Kanan Stark (Mekai Curtis), who died in the first season of Power.

Raq, his glamorous queen pin mother, was spreading narcotics over New York, and fans were introduced to her.

Kanan took it upon himself to defend his mother’s corner when he observed a competing gang selling on her corner, despite his mother’s wishes that he stay focused in school.

Kanan and his comrade D-Wiz (Nile Bullock) went ahead and killed Buck Twenty (Donte Grey), a member of Unique’s group, despite Raq’s instructions.

Raq had a lot of issues as a result of this, and the gang even put a price on her son’s head.

She let D-Wiz take the fall for Buck Twenty’s killing because the gang demanded an eye for an eye, and the teenager was slain.

Episode four ultimately set the setting for a horrific fight between the warring gangs, with a variety of issues growing between them.

Some supporters, however, feel that this fight will put an end to both Raq and Unique, allowing Breeze to take control.

“We know when Breeze came, he was the sole person and thus the kingpin,” the spectator wrote on Reddit.

“I predict both Unique and Raq’s sides will practically slaughter each other to a halt, and Breeze will turn up in the finals and aid Raq’s side become the new head of Jamaica queen’s unopposed,” the user explained.

Fans will recall that Breeze was frequently mentioned in the first season of Power.

He never appeared on the show as an already deceased character, therefore he’s likely to appear in Raising Kanan.

Kanan (50 Cent), Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora), and James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick were all mentioned as close friends of Breeze (Omari Hardwick).

He had been Kanan’s superior. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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