Brady, the star of Virgin River, speaks out against a sequence from season 3 that was cut: ‘We weren’t able to shoot!’


VIRGIN RIVER Brady star Ben Hollingsworth disclosed which scene got axed from season three, due to weather conditions.

Virgin River fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Netflix’s romantic drama, to find out the fate of their favourite characters. Ben Hollingsworth who played the troubled Brady opened up about a behind the scenes mishap, which meant they had to axe a scene from season three.


In an interview with City Life, Ben detailed the time, the weather forced the crew to completely axe a scene:

He shared: “We were shooting the lumberjack episode, which was up on top of a mountain in Vancouver called Grouse Mountain, and we were supposed to be there in the summertime,

Ben revealed: “it was snowing at the top of the mountain, Essentially, we couldn’t shoot; we had to wait, wait and wait, and then the fog rolled in, during which time I was like ‘Ok Great.”

Although the scene they were trying to film was never revealed, fans will remember the lumberjack episode was tough for both Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) and his girlfriend Mel Monroe (Alexandria Breckenridge).

With tensions still looming from Charmaine’s revelation stating she was pregnant with Jack’s twins, he and Mel had an argument about their future together.

Mel wanted children with him, however, he claimed he wasn’t ready and needed a couple of days.

Fans will know, Mel had always been longing to become a mother for a long time and this was shown in flashback scenes.

Before she relocated to the small town from Los Angeles, she was married to Mark Monroe (Daniel Gillies) and they had been struggling with fertility.

After a few unsuccessful rounds of IVF, the couple got into a heated argument when Mark suggested they should take a break.

The disagreement took place in the car and as they were distracted the couple failed to realise the oncoming car before the collision.

Mark was rushed into hospital where he sadly passed away, after numerous attempts to save him.

Mel blamed herself and it was this event that convinced her to move to Virgin River, get a new job and start afresh.

During the lumberjack episode, the couple took to the treetop race and although tensions were still there, things eased after they fell and were being held up by their harnesses.

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