Bradley Walsh will undergo surgery after a “very difficult” health fight, according to The Chase host.


Bradley Walsh will undergo surgery after a “very difficult” health fight, according to The Chase host.

BRADLEY WALSH has revealed that he will have an eye operation, revealing the second health crisis he has had in the last year.

In the midst of his hidden health fight with blepharitis, Bradley Walsh has revealed that he will have surgery. The Chase host acknowledged that he “truly struggles” with his eye issue.

In an interview, the 61-year-old discussed his health and his diagnosis, which causes inflammation of the eyelids.

The Chase favorite has been informed that he will need surgery to treat his illness.

On This Morning, Bradley discussed his health and said that he is presently taking medicine to alleviate his problems.

As he discussed undergoing an operation, he noted that he would need to “figure things out” at some point.

“Most people are unaware that I suffer from severe blepharitis. Bradley added, “I have to take one pill a day for that or I’ll have a lot of trouble.”

“I’m going to have to have my eyes operated on at some time to have this figured out.”

The Chase host went on to say that his health has also had an impact on his appearance.

According to The Sun, Bradley added, “So many people have complimented on how I look, but they don’t realize.”

“However, if I take my prescription, I’m fine,” he insisted. “People aren’t aware that I have severe blepharitis.”

Blepharitis is characterized by red, puffy, and itchy eyelids caused by bacteria on the skin or a skin condition such as dermatitis.

According to the NHS, while blepharitis isn’t normally considered a dangerous ailment, it can lead to conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and cysts if not treated appropriately.

Bradley explained that he sometimes get swollen eyes during a flare-up, with his eyes becoming itchy and red.

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After his cholesterol readings were found to be excessively high, he was recently advised to “get fit.”

Bradley’s father died of heart illness when he was 59 years old, and he said that turning 60 was a watershed moment for him.

He added that he had always had a “hang up” with his father’s death when he was young.

“I had a hang-up because my father, Daniel, had passed away at the.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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