Bradley Walsh of The Chase makes a subtle joke at the doctor when he answers a math question incorrectly.


Perfusion scientist Nicholas got a simple maths question wrong on The Chase – even though technically he was correct – which contributed to his team losing against The Beast

The Chase host Bradley Walsh made a cheeky dig at a doctor after he got a simple maths question wrong – because of a technicality.

It seems Brad might have a bee in his bonnet, as he recently dragged a contestant off set and gave her a warning.

Perfusion scientist Nicholas, 35, was on the show and made it through to the final round with two of his team mates, Alison and Rachel.

But as they tried to answer enough quick fire questions to keep Mark “The Beast” Labbett away from their prize pot, Nicholas, from Hull, made a little error that cost them big.

As the team managed to get 10 questions right, things started going wrong when Bradley asked a question about the value of a US Dime in a Dollar.

Nicholas buzzed in and answered: “One tenth.”

Sadly for him, he didn’t get the point as Bradley corrected him, saying: “10%.”

Viewers were left fuming as, technically, the scientist was correct – and was clearly pretty intelligent because of his profession.

One pointed out: “Um… isn’t it the same?”

A second said: “Guy got an answer wrong on The Chase because Bradley doesn’t understand that one tenth is the same as 10%.”

A third asked: “Isn’t 10% the same as one tenth?”

And a fourth doubted their own intelligence, as they posted: “Since when was one out of 10 not the same as 10%? Am I being thick?”

But another user pointed out that Nicholas was wrong – technically – due to the wording of Brad’s question.

Bradley has asked: “In the US, a dime is worth what percentage of the dollar?”

So although Nicholas was correct, just like in those pesky GCSE math questions, because he got the unit of measurement wrong, he didn’t get the point.

Despite getting off to a strong start, the three finalists didn’t tally up enough correct answers to beat The Beast, who caught up with almost a minute left on the clock.

It was then that Bradley made his cheeky dig at doctor Nicholas.

He turned to the camera and told viewers: “If you know the difference between a percentage and a fraction, come and have a go.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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