Bradley Walsh explains why he has turned down Strictly Come Dancing on several occasions.


Bradley Walsh explains why he has turned down Strictly Come Dancing on several occasions.

BRADLEY WALSH has explained why he has rejected down Strictly Come Dancing despite being approached by the show’s producers on many times.

Strictly Come Dancing has long been a show where the greatest of TV can put on their dancing shoes and prove to the public, and most likely themselves, that they have more talent than meets the eye. With the return of the BBC show slated for later this year, speculation is once again rife as to which celebrities will be included in the cast.

I’m a terrible dad dancer, which only adds to the misery.

Walsh, Bradley

Despite being invited numerous times to participate, Bradley Walsh, 61, has firmly ruled himself out of the running.

In a recent interview, the Chase host revealed why he’s passed down an opportunity that many people would love to have, confessing that his weak dancing skills have kept him from accepting to be a part of the show thus far.

“Here’s the technique to getting away with stuff: you have to be brutally honest with yourself,” he remarked. You can’t sell it if you don’t get it.

“No matter how big a showman you are, if you can’t dance, you can’t sell it.”

“Stick to what you’re most comfortable with. “I’ve been approached to appear on Strictly a couple of times,” he revealed.

“However, I’m not a dancer.” “I don’t think I’m even a good dad dancer.”

Brad quipped to The Sun, “I’m a horrible dad dancer, which makes things even worse.”

It comes after the veteran TV performer disclosed his retirement intentions, which fans will not be pleased with.

Despite being dubbed one of the “richest men” on British television, he appears to be on the verge of abandoning his 40-year career in show business as he grows older.

According to The Sun, Brad has £12 million in the bank thanks to a slew of TV appearances, including 12 years hosting ITV’s The Chase, a new venture with Holly Willoughby on BBC1’s latest game show Take Off, starring alongside his son Barney in their joint reality show Breaking Dad, hosting Wheel Of Fortune and Tonight At The London Palladium, and a long list of acting credits, including Cobra Kai.

He’ll also be seen as Pa Larkin in ITV’s “Brinkwire Summary News” soon.


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