Bradley Walsh, a competitor on The Chase, retaliates by emphasizing the question inaccuracy ‘Never!’


BRADLEY WALSH was left stunned on Tuesday’s episode of The Chase when one contestant pointed out clear a problem with a question on the hit ITV quiz show.

Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants onto The Chase on Tuesday afternoon as they worked together to win a cash prize. Charlie, Molly, Carole, and Keith bravely took on Chaser Mark Labbett in the episode. However, host Bradley was taken aback when one player pointed out a flaw in a question on the ITV quiz.

Keith was the first player to step up and earned an impressive £6,000 in his cash builder round.

He went head to head with The Beast, but a problem arose when they reached the final question.

Bradley asked: “A ‘Yum Yum’ is most similar to what other confection?”

The host read out the answer options, which were: doughnut, cookie, or eclair.

“Get in!” Bradley exclaimed, showing his excitement for the food-themed question.

Almost immediately Mark locked in his answer, before laughing at Bradley’s reaction to the question.

“Just love a Yum Yum,” the host confessed to the audience.

After the time had run out, Bradley revealed Keith had chosen “doughnut” as his answer.

However, the contestant revealed he wasn’t completely confident because of the wording of the question.

Pointing out a flaw, he explained: “It depends in which way it’s most similar.

“If it’s around being sticky sugary it’s a doughnut, but you know, shape-wise it’s eclair.”

Bradley was stunned, saying: “You’re absolutely right. It’s the shape of an eclair.”


However, he went on to reveal the correct answer was in fact doughnut, meaning Keith had made it through to the next round.

Still shocked by the flaw in the question Bradley exclaimed: “But, you’re right it is that shape. Never thought of it like that.

“I love a Yum Yum. They are great,” he added, before congratulating the contestant on his victory.

“I wish that question hadn’t come up now, I’m starving!” Bradley remarked.

Some viewers were also frustrated by the error in the question, taking to Twitter to complain.

“That was the most stupidly worded question ever… #TheChase,” @zombiienadine wrote.

Luckily, the mistake didn’t hinder Keith as he made it through to the final round with all of his teammates and together they beat the Chaser, taking home £20,000.


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