Bow Brooches belonged to Victoria, but they represent Elizabeth’s long rule.


Bow Brooches belonged to Victoria, but they represent Elizabeth’s long rule.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II has an outstanding brooch collection, rumored to be the world’s largest. Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooches are among Her Majesty’s exceptional brooches, which date back to the Victorian era.

The Bow Brooches of Queen Victoria are a series of diamond brooches that Victoria wore frequently during her reign as monarch. Queen Elizabeth now wears one of the brooches on a daily basis, matching it with color-block ensembles for various royal occasions. The brooch goes with anything because of its simple shape and color.

Her Majesty’s brooch collection is not only extensive, but also one of the most impressive in the world.

The queen is reported to have up to 100 brooches, with unique ones being rotated on a regular basis.

The Queen’s beloved jewels were discussed by Charlotte White, Head of Design at 77 Diamonds, Europe’s largest online jeweller.

“The Queen’s magnificent and comprehensive collection of brooches includes world-record-breaking, historical, and sentimental pieces,” she said.

“The Queen has several precious brooches that are steeped in history, and these jewels may be said to attest to the British monarchy’s tremendous wealth and power.”

Some of Her Majesty’s brooches date from before Elizabeth’s birth, while others were given to her as gifts recently.

Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooches are a collection of brooches from the latter type.

These brooches are a set of three jewels produced by Queen Victoria in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Court Jeweller reports that Queen Victoria’s jewelry cabinet underwent an unexpected alteration in 1858.

Her grandmother, Queen Charlotte, had donated all of her grandmother’s treasures to her cousin, the King of Hanover.

Victoria misplaced a set of diamond bow brooches, among other valuables.

She had a trio of gems produced to replace them, all of which were identical in form and shape.

The brooches were designed to seem like ribbon bows and range in size from the largest to the smallest.

Victoria recognized the brooches as “heirlooms of the crown” at the turn of the twentieth century, ensuring that they will be passed down through the generations.

The brooches were given to Queen Elizabeth II in 1952, and she has worn them ever since — usually just one on her right or left lapel.

For the “Brinkwire Summary News,” Her Majesty has chosen to wear one of the bow brooches.


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