Boris Johnson’s body language in his Freedom Day address implies he lacks confidence.


Boris Johnson’s body language in his Freedom Day address implies he lacks confidence.

BORIS JOHNSON has appeared on television several times this week to inform the public about the latest coronavirus regulations and limits. Is everything, however, as it appears? The Prime Minister’s behavior over the last few days has been studied by a body language specialist.

The majority of England’s coronavirus restrictions will be lifted on Monday, July 19, more than a year after they were imposed. Boris Johnson declared this week that his cabinet’s “Freedom Day” will take place as scheduled, but did his body language reveal more than his words?

Boris Johnson’s facial expressions and body language indications were studied by CardsChat, the world’s most popular poker news website, in collaboration with Adrianne Carter.

Adrianne is a trained NLP and Natural Success psychology coach, as well as a counselor and psychotherapist.

She has worked with a number of multinational businesses, including Apple, Unilever, and The National Trust, and is known as The Face Whisperer among her followers and clients.

The specialist in faces, emotions, and body language sees beyond people’s words to determine whether or not they are lying.

Mr Johnson affirmed to English residents on Monday, July 12 that Freedom Day will take place as planned next week.

Face coverings will no longer be required for those living in or visiting England as of July 19.

All legal barriers to social contact will be lifted as well.

Adrianne noted there were signals of “no confidence” in the Prime Minister’s speech, despite the fact that he told the world that “now is the perfect moment to go” to the final step of England’s pathway out of lockdown.

“During Boris’ statement on Monday, July 12, the symptoms of no confidence within his own speech shone through,” the body language expert noted.

“As soon as Boris begins speaking, he gives a phony smile to the camera and almost quickly begins shaking his head while speaking.

“If you look closely, you’ll see that Boris is blinking a lot during his announcement.

“It’s tough to keep track of him since he blinks so quickly.”

“Rapid blinking is one of the key tell-all symptoms of a liar,” Adrianne explained.

“If someone’s blink rates increase while a particular topic is being discussed, it’s most likely a sign that they’re uncomfortable and trapped in their own deception — emphasizing the inner stress they’re experiencing,” she explained.

“You’ll note this throughout Boris’ announcement and throughout.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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