Boris Johnson: I’d want to participate in the Bake Off.


Boris Johnson: I’d want to participate in the Bake Off.

Boris Johnson rose to the occasion yesterday, demonstrating his culinary prowess and confessing that he would “love” to go on The Great British Bake Off.

The Prime Minister paid a visit to a youth center in Manchester ahead of the Tory Party Conference, which takes place in the city this week. Mr Johnson joined youngsters for a spot of cooking during an activity-packed tour of the HideOut Youth Zone, even wearing an apron with the words “Bake Back Better” emblazoned on it. Before decorating a cake that had already been made, the PM assisted in whisking together ingredients for a sponge cake.

When asked if he would like to compete on Channel 4’s Bake Off, he said, “I wish.” That is something I would love to do. “I’m not sure they’ve ever invited me.” Mr Johnson stated that it had been “a long time” since he had assisted with any domestic baking, and that his favorite dessert is a Bakewell tart. “I guess that’s about my favorite,” the Prime Minister replied, recalling his grandmother’s recipe.

“I don’t know,” he said afterwards when asked what his favorite dessert is. I believe I’ll stick with the Bakewell tart.

“I guess I’d have steak and chips with a Bakewell tart if I were on death row.”

“Actually, it might be sticky toffee pudding,” he subsequently remarked. Yes, clotted cream and sticky toffee pudding.” The PM and Home Secretary Priti Patel also played table tennis with the youngsters and personnel at the center.

After one of his doubles partners slammed a shot past his opponents and into a bank of photographers, he was overheard calling the lad “ruthless.”

Mr Johnson also demonstrated his artistic abilities by drawing and coloring a bee before entering the boxing facility at the center.


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