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1/1 and 1/1

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1/1 and 1/1

On Saturday

BBC Two, Great 10, 10 p.m.

After the death of her mother, aspiring teen gymnast Leigh (newcomer Frankie Box) has lost her confidence. The father of the baby, Rob (William Ash), is overcome by grief and neglects his daughter, her loving coach Gemma, whose only positive adult role model is (Sharlene Whyte). Her world is turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of an older half-brother she never knew existed, as Leigh restlessly trains for a race. Cheeky colleague Joe (Alfie Deegan) is on the wrong side of the law making his way and is not afraid to include Leigh in his frivolous ventures. He discovers Leigh’s friendship and lures her out of her shell. The effect of Joe on his half-sister, however, has the ability to ruin their future. Scottish director Eva Riley’s debut delivers powerful performances from newcomers Box and Deegan.

On Sunday

They Shall Not Grow Old, 10:45 p.m., BBC Two.

Oscar winner Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) combined footage from the vast archives of the Imperial War Museum and interviews with soldiers who served in World War I to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Armistice, marking the first time that the horrors of the fighting could be recorded on camera. Using the latest production methods to give contemporary viewers an incredible and informative look at life on the battlefields, these pictures were colorized and transformed – lip readers were often used to explain what the soldiers were saying. The findings are extremely moving, exposing the horrors of war, as well as those who served, the sacrifice and courage.

About Monday

ITV4, Inception, 9 p.m.

The ingenious thief Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his squad are entering the minds of powerful men and women, stealing the priceless secrets of their subconscious. With a suggestion, influential businessman Saito (Ken Watanabe) approaches Cobb: plant a single concept in the head of rival Robert Fischer Jr (Cillian Murphy). Dom accepts the offer and enlists the services of Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), his right-hand man, budding dream architect Ariadne (Ellen Page), forger Eames (Tom Hardy) and chemist Yusuf (Dileep Rao). But Dom’s (Marion Cotillard) deceased wife’s projection threatens to undermine the plan. The highly ambitious thriller by director Christopher Nolan moves back and forth with flair between the various dream worlds, revealing how events in one supposed reality profoundly impact the other.

On Tuesday

Movie 4, The Killing Of A Holy Deer, 11:15 p.m.

Steven Murphy (Colin Farrell), a heart surgeon, encounters a mysterious 16-year-old named Martin (Barry Keoghan). Steven invites Martin to his home a few days later and introduces the guest to his wife, Anna (Nicole Kidman), his 14-year-old daughter Kim (Raffey Cassidy) and his younger son, Bob Kidman (Sunny Suljic). Martin darkly reveals during dinner that he lost his father in a car crash, so it’s just him and his mother now (Alicia Silverstone). Soon after, a mysterious illness entered the Murphy household. Yorgos Lanthimos, director of “Dogtooth” and “The Favourite,” and his co-writer Efthymis Filippou borrow loosely from Greek mythology for their twisted and beguiling morality tale. Farrell and Kidman give haunting performances, while as the son who tries to relieve his grief with a sacrifice, Keoghan exudes justified indignation.

On Wednesday

Film 4, Bacurau, 12:55 p.m.

Directed by Brazilian duo Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles and a deserving winner of the prestigious Jury Prize at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Bacurau is a dizzying blend of political allegory, wide-screen Western and science fiction novel set in a remote area of Brazil beset by corrupt politicians and Che Guevara-style freedom fighters.

The scene is set in the first half of the film. It is the near future and we are in Bacurau, a small, remote village whose residents are in hiding as corrupt mayor Tony Junior rolls into town on his re-election campaign and to which Teresa (Bárbara Colen) has returned for the funeral of her beloved and charismatic grandmother Carmelita. The village is inhabited by characters like Pacote (Thomas Aquino), a hit man whose deeds are seen in television crime shows on grainy surveillance camera photos, the steely doctor Domingas (Sonia Braga)


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