Blue Bloods supporters claim that Joe Hill will never be part of the Reagan family.


When Joe Hill turned up for the family dinner, “Blue Bloods” fans were shocked to hear there was another Reagan grandson.

An unlikely new addition to the Reagans was the long-lost son of the late Joe Reagan, but they welcomed him anyway. Although the Reagans have tried to make him feel welcome, the fans are not so confident that the family is happy.

Hey, who’s Joe Hill?

Something to ponder about as we wait until #BlueBloods next week.

Say your feelings to us! Joe is a detective with the NYPD, Blue Bloods (@BlueBloods CBS) December 12, 2020. As part of the Reagan family, he was added to the series at the end of the tenth season.

Season 10 ended with a massive cliffhanger, where Sean discovered he had a first cousin no one knew of.

When Paula, Joe’s mother, approaches Frank to remind him of Joe’s life, fans learn more about the boy. Paula tells Frank that she was pregnant with his child before Joe Reagan died. She admits she didn’t tell the older Joe because she didn’t think their relationship was that serious, so Paula didn’t feel the need to introduce him to the family of his father.

Frank broke to his family the news about Joe.

She reconsidered her decision not to introduce Joe to the rest of the family, after much debate between the Reagans and Paula.

The episode ended with Joe arriving at the family diner and introducing the rest of the family to himself.

Joe’s introduction surprised fans and the Reagan family; he was also shocked to hear that Blue Bloods would introduce Joe to Tom Selleck himself. The discovery was described by him as emotionally rewarding.

Will Hochman is the actor who introduces Joe to life. In many other movies, Hochman has appeared, including Love and Let Him Go.

Now that Joe has arrived, will anything change?

Being a Reagan brings a whole host of issues for Joe with it. In the new #BlueBloods, see how he deals with them: Blue Bloods (@BlueBloods CBS) December 19, 2020 ‘Blue Bloods’: When she checked for the role of Eddie Jankoo, Will Estes was ‘skeptical’ of Vanessa Ray

The Reagans have certainly been through a lot, but with the new addition of Joe to the family, it seems like he’s here to fill the gap. Joe is a detective for the NYPD, which makes the family even more drama.

It would certainly shift Joe’s outlook on his job to be part of a family full of law enforcement members. For the newest addition to the Reagan family, his fatherhood could also trigger more issues. Joe’s work is very dangerous, and some fans assume that Joe might be killed like his father by the writers of the series.

While the fans of the series are only speculating about this theory, viewers will have to wait and see how the series deals with Joe as it progresses.

Fans want Joe and the Reagans to become friends with Joe.

There is no time to waste as Danny and Baez vanish. Jamie and Joe are teaming up for the #BlueBloods season opener, streaming now. Bloods (@BlueBloods CBS) December 5, 2020 Before he came to the weekly family dinner of the Reagans, Joe had never learned anything about his family.

He was not part of the family, although he is related to the Reagans by blood, which may make him seem aloof. She named him Joseph Hill to honor Joe Reagan when his mother gave birth to him. She insisted, however, that he retain the last name of Hill.

She also asked Frank not to make Joe “one of hers,” meaning she would like him to stay a Hill rather than a Reagan.

Even though Joe was given a seat at the Reagan family dinner, Twitter fans feel like he’s always going to feel like an outsider. Some fans think, though, that it’s only a matter of time before Joe warms up to the Reagans and becomes one of them.


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