Blu Hunt, star of ‘New Mutants,’ talked about how Danielle Moonstar helped her define her Indigenous and Queer identities.


Blu Hunt, star of ‘New Mutants,’ talked about how Danielle Moonstar helped her define her Indigenous and Queer identities.

Blu Hunt, the star of ‘New Mutants,’ discussed how Danielle Moonstar assisted her in defining her Indigenous and Queer identities.

Figuring out who you are is one of life’s most challenging challenges. Identity has become increasingly important as more Americans pick Indigenous Peoples Day over Columbus Day. Blu Hunt, who portrayed Queer and Indigenous Danielle Moonstar in HBO’s New Mutants, admitted that playing her enabled her to figure out who she was.

How an Indigenous hero contributed in the development of a personal identity

While ‘Indigenous’ peoples are defined as a group that resided in an area prior to the introduction of settlers, ethnic identification might be difficult to determine.

Hunt was flushed with excitement for the role.

Dani Moonstar, as one of the most well-known Indigenous superheroes in comics, contributed to the definition of other Indigenous superheroes.

“In a lot of ways, playing Dani helped me figure out who I was.”

Hunt told PEOPLE, “Getting this role was honestly the best part.” “Knowing that I was given the chance to be Queer while also representing Indigenous people.” And she was fully aware of Dani’s importance to a large number of fans. She recognized what the character meant to her after spending more time with her.

“I was thinking to myself, ‘Why do I have such a close affinity with Dani?'” Hunt made a comment. “Perhaps I’m just truly Queer,’ I reasoned. I started going to the reservation more frequently, and… Working on something that has the potential to change your life in so many ways is fantastic.” According to Hunt, queer and indigenous peoples must define their perspectives. The actor from The CW Originals believes in Hollywood representation. She discussed how, in her perspective, Indigenous performers should define Indigenous roles.

“I believe it’s really important, especially in movies like [New Mutants], that characters are played by people who are authentically Queer, people who are of the same ethnicity,” she said.

Certain companies have received backlash in the past for ‘whitewashing’ films like M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender or Gods of Egypt from 2016. Hunt rebuts this in her comments, seeking more positive representation from actual minorities.

She proudly showcases her Indigenous and LGBTQ heritage as she advances in the film industry.

Dani Moonstar’s role in New Mutants is her first in a feature film, which is an incredible achievement for any actor.

Hunt told PEOPLE, “I genuinely have had an experience in the film industry that no one else has ever experienced.” “Not only did I get a lead role in a blockbuster Marvel film as my first assignment, but then it went downhill from there…” Breaking news from Brinkwire Entertainment


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